Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Age of Ravens Now at The Gauntlet Blog

Exciting News and a major change in the blog going forward. Starting today I’ll be posting Age of Ravens as part of The Gauntlet Blog. I’ve loved running games, podcasting, and helping out in the Gauntlet community. Much of what I’ve written the last several years emerged from that experience.

Age of Ravens received a Silver ENnie for Best Blog in 2017, after a couple of years of nominations. Going forward I will be posting every Wednesday on the Gauntlet Blog. I will post one or two new RPG History lists monthly, beginning with a new genre: Licensed RPGs.

When the Gauntlet Blog moved close to launch, I asked Jason and Will about contributing to it. I felt nervous—after all they had a dynamite roster of talent. But they’ve been incredibly excited about having me on board and that’s felt awesome.

If you’re not familiar with Age of Ravens, in 2017 I wrote “Age of Ravens: A What the What? Overview.” That covers many of my favorite posts and topics from the blog: System Guides, Lists, Game Tech, Reviews, Hacks, and Scenarios. Go check that out. 

I started AoR at the beginning of 2009 and have covered a lot of ground. But the work with the most fame has been those History of RPG genres lists. In them I trace the chronology of games to point out experiments, unpack changes, and discover hidden gems. So far I’ve covered Horror, Steampunk & Victoriana, Post-Apocalyptic, Superhero, Westerns, Samurai, and even Universal Systems.

The original Age of Ravens blog will remain up for archiving, personal posts, roundups, and miscellaneous topics. For the moment I’m putting the AoR History Lists’ Patreon on hold, but I’ll take another look at that in January.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Age of Ravens over the years. A special thanks to the Gauntlet Community for being awesome and rich source of gaming goodness.