Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Metachronology of My Non-Shared World Campaigns

Still planning on skipping posting until the end of the month (trying to get my ducks in a row...with mixed success).

Anyway, I posted earlier about the various rpgs I ran in the shared game world, mostly fantasy. It occurred to me I ought to make a list of all of the other campaigns I've run outside of that. Here's what I remember (in something like reverse chronological order). Basically I'll count anything that I got several sessions with some continuity out of. I'm probably missing some.

Wayward: Changeling the Lost
Current campaign, using the Action Cards system.

Prometheus in Vegas: Scion
Short-run campaign lasting about a dozen sessions.

Crux: Dragonblooded
Exalted campaign, currently on hiatus

NOLA: Nightwatch
Mutants and Masterminds campaign set in post destruction New Orleans

Arkham Harbor: FWAP
Irregular Mutants and Masterminds campaign

Long-running multi-dimensional campaign using Rob's concepts

Eight session Mutants and Masterminds campaign

Year+ long campaign set after Gethenna

American Justice
Several sessions of a 1950's detective game ala James Ellroy

Saviors Reboot
Brief attempt to restart a Saviors street-level Champions campaign

City of Ocean
Homebrew weird modern campaign

Brief odd modern game with dimension hopping.

Ars Magica
A troupe-style campaign set in eastern Europe.

WoD: Hub City
World of Darkness mash-up game which ended with the supernatural apocalypse.

Call of Cthulhu
Ran a few sessions of an attempted on-going CoC game (both modern and 1920's IIRC).

Saviors: the Next Gen
Fairly long-running Cyberpunk/Champions mash up game set in the Saviors campaign world.

Longish Champions campaign

Future Supers
A crash and burn attempt to do a Legion of Super Heroes-esque game.

Wild Cards
Several sessions of trying to do Wild Cards with Champions

Ninja Hero
Long before L5R came out, I tried to do a magical samurai/Asian fantasy game.

A long-running Champions low-level game borrowing heavily from Watchmen and the like.

Champions Mash Up
Briefly run very strange over-the-top Champions game

Gurps Amber
The first GURPS game I tried to run-- just weird.

James Bond
Ran this back in HS and middle school.

First game I really ran with Rob in it-- started the whole fantasy bandwagon for me.

Ran some on-going stuff in middle school.

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