Monday, June 10, 2013

Changeling Lost Vegas: Session Sixteen: Transversale

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The Motley decided to hunt down Cantorian Wolf’s apartment, rumored to be an extended stay motel near the airport. After some streetwise checks, they managed to track it down. They arrived and after a quick check they broke in. They noted several things- primarily the sense that the apartment had already been tossed by someone with OCD. The garbage cans had been dumped out but then everything had been smoothed and stacked next to them. The drawers had been removed, and the items neatly folded and placed on the floor. Whoever had stayed in the apartment had been messy, but their pursuers had been neat.

Despite that, the group discovered several pieces of evidence. One, photos, map, and sketches of the Spring Court’s holdings and rooms. The sketches were of the photos- clearly a visualization exercise. It suggested someone on the inside of the Court had been helping Cantorian Wolf. Two, IVs and other sustaining equipment used by long-term dreamers. That jibed with their knowledge of Wolf’s skills. Three, traces of magical backlash and curse twisting in the bathroom- something they suspected from what they knew of the e-Razor. Four, the smell of gun oil which they associated with Three Iron Sour, a gun-elemental they believed had assisted Wolf with his theft from the Spring Prince, Beckoncall. Five, wood shavings- which suggested the elemental Carpenter Husk had visited in the last few days. But they found no solid evidence of Wolf’s location.

Most strikingly, under the bed they found a small toy safe, made of hazy, dreamlike material. John reached his hand into the strange box which seemed to already have been opened and emptied. However in the back of it, he uncovered an inter-office envelope. Inside he found yet another tarot card and note. The note had the same handwriting as the first one they’d discovered. The card was more ominous- The Chariot. In the background of the collage image they could make out a picture of Morosoa Scorned, one of their own motley.

The group headed down and out- with Andi making a brief detour to overwhelm the night clerk and get him to hand off Cantorian Wolf’s mail to her. The found a couple of fraud credit cards which they pocketed. As they made to leave, they noticed an unmarked van across the parking lot. It had been there when they’d arrived and seemed to be watching the place. After some discussion they decided to head on and see what it did. As the group pulled out, the watch-van gunned the engine and drove full speed, catching the rear end of their vehicle and pinning them against a barrier wall. Men in suits leaped out of the van at them.

Kah let loose with his lightning knife, catching a couple of them before being hauled out of the passenger side window. John leapt out of the back, screaming to draw attention. Andi followed, tired iron in hand. Two guys rolled out and John dropped back to the shadows to make his away around to the back. Morosa pulled herself out, and rolled across the top of the van. She grabbed one of the six from above and flung him into the distance. Andi engaged with the bad guys at the back- using her skills to increase her defenses as they opened up with gunfire. By this point the group realized their opponents weren’t human- but weirdly animated pseudo-flesh suits filled with stuffing. John reached the back of the enemy van and communed with it to gain a vision. He saw a strange mechanical figure animated six of these figures and send them off to find Cantorian Wolf. John had the sense the animator had been hired by someone.

The motley, despite taking some damage, managed to dispatch their attackers- rending limbs, setting some on fire, and generally causing a commotion. With the situation in hand they took off in their own damaged van and the one their attackers had come on. They headed back to their retreat where they searched the van. There they found notes which included the address for Three Iron Sour, indicating he was next on the “Made Men’s” hit list. 

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