Wednesday, June 18, 2014

222 Abashan NPCs

Following the lead of many, many others, I put together a quick random NPC generator for our Guards of Abashan campaign. You can see rough version of that here. It isn't perfect there, but it works. It uses a three trait structure- physical trait, character trait, and a profession. Its pretty modest compared to many (222 items per list). Below is a version of that outputted from the Excel sheet, with each item only appearing once. if you want the spreadsheet to play with, you can get that here. For excellent generators, check out Last Gasp (though I'm guessing most already know about that). 

Voluptuous Hungry Sergeant
Undead Shy Mummer
Smelly Indignant Man-at-Arms
Portly Desperate Wood Gatherer
Loud Responsive Contact
Graceful Companionable Racer
Foreign Promiscuous Huntsman
Steady Hormonal Weaver
Wig-wearing Racist Wanderer
Greasy Weak-Willed Spice Merchant
Thin Harmonious Page
Immaculate Accepting Stonecutter
Creamy Talkative Cook
Pale Generous Academic
Freckled Impudent Pilot
Humming Rowdy Bard
Saucy Pure Assessor
Chiseled Unlucky Freebooter
Local Aspiring Moneylender
Doe-eyed Brazen Tinker
Hesitant Illiterate Wagon Trader
Aggressive Serious Informant
Bland Depressed Ranger
Rough Patient Corrupter
Flaxen Garrulous Carpenter
Marked Rigid Caravaneer
Curvy Heart-Broken Socialite
Flabby Gung Ho Firetender
Agile Subservient Riverman
Angular Infamous Rival
Clumsy Adaptable Explorer
Ebony Apologetic Outsider
Energetic Secretive Gravedigger
Lively Brave Weapon Trainer
Oddly-Attired Lawful Conspirator
Big Shallow Porter
Smooth Gruff Agent
Balding Bored Cobbler
Poor Sharp-Tongued Landlord
Young Queer Investigator
Broad-Shouldered Faithful Dancer
Hirsute Prim Oracle
Talented Disloyal Escort
Insane Urban Baker
Wide-Eyed Disgusted Enforcer
Alluring Prudent Cutpurse
Mulleted Miserly Boss
Half-Blooded Shrewd Slaver
Distinctive Rich Artist
Wild Precise Urchin
Busty Wealthy Midwife
Lame Delusional Orc
Mute Tolerant Witch
Barking Indecisive Low Noble
Articulate Content Athlete
Perfect Stern Gang Member
Hairless Small-Time Agitator
Crusty Enthusiastic Procurer
One-eyed Profane Con Artist
Deformed Quirky Villain
Glowing Punctual Constable
Robust Unfriendly Dockhand
Aloof Idealistic Buyer
Worried Frustrated Fool
Branded Honor Bound Magistrate
Dreadlocked Feisty Chef
Mumbling Hyperactive Sculptor
Soft-skinned Narcissistic Scavenger
Dyed Dissatisfied Gang Leader
Unfashionable Corrupt Assassin
Old Refined Sorcerer
Bright-Eyed Wanted Advisor
Beefy Grumpy Kidnapper
Hunchbacked Moody Survivor
Exotic Frigid Patriarch
Squat Law-abiding Adventurer
Mangled Timid Mendicant
Predatory Self-Confident Apprentice
Strong Apprehensive Tumbler
Colorful Giggly Menagerie Keeper
Bent Humble Farmer
Elderly Preoccupied Thief
Comely Hysterical Teacher
Young Seeming Tight-Lipped Herder
Blind Menacing Dwarf
Impulsive Cocky Toolmaker
Lanky Grateful Gardener
Wiry Vengeful Foreigner
Innocent Repetitious Fanatic
Scratching Trouble-Free Server
Enigmatic Level-headed Trader
Virile Obsessive Street Sweep
Bizarre Sarcastic Rogue
Weird-eyed Proud Tillman
Anemic Cultured Monk
Pierced Saintly Matron
Haggard Regretful Bowyer
Refined Self-Controlled Seamstress
Unassuming Guilt Ridden Miner
Lithe Sleepy Dupe
Withered Famous Shepherd
Brawny Feckless Necromancer
Plain Thick-Skinned Rabble
Rosy Trustworthy Herald
Tattooed Defiant Torturer
Gaudy Evil Retainer
Perfumed Lazy Shaman
Fae-like Chaste Guide
Fat Cautious Blacksmith
Tough Shiftless Beggar
Acned Dazzling Servant
Sloppy Vain Locksmith
Pleasant Sadistic Liar
Scarred Vexed Clergy
Crazed Inexperienced Sewerman
Staring Sacrificing Foreign Agent
Experienced Ill-Informed Diamond Noble
One-Armed Skilled Saboteur
Helpless Agitated Tanner
Wooden Righteous Occultist
Unkempt Arrogant Sculler
Mole-faced Pugnacious Cultist
Repugnant Touchy Miller
Athletic Contrary Apothecary
Red-faced Careless Gnome
Small Passionate High Priest
Gravelly Suspicious Street Tough
Stiff-Backed Violent Doorman
Lurking Altruistic Criminal
Twisted Whimsical Prophet
Smart Friendly Barber
Elongated Benign Butcher
Emaciated Envious Burglar
Inexperienced Abrasive Fixer
Uncultured Reclusive Rumormonger
Pock-marked Heartless Legalist
Warty Fearful Maid
Composed Blissful Pervert
Vulpine Stubborn Auctioneer
Quiet Hotheaded Brewer
Loud Strict Cartographer
Deaf Professional Worker
Neat Genial Muscle
Tired Gossipy Bodyguard
Near-Sighted Studious Animal Handler
Clean Assertive Doctor
Natural Off-Putting Prostitute
Business-like Lordly Madam
Hard of Hearing Crude Bouncer
Greying Alcoholic Forger
Stitched Helpful Potter
Shifty Reliable Henchman
Elegant Quarrelsome Spy
Fearsome Soft Spoken Theater Owner
Awkward Inconsiderate Herbalist
Dense Repressed Wisdom
Pot-Bellied Morose Scribe
Tall Troublesome Sellsword
Short Sexist Prison Guard
Charming Strong-Willed Manservant
Sexy Remorseful Musicians
Scary Flirtatious Scout
Pert Lucky Groomsman
Furtive Covetous Horsemaster
Gap-Toothed Clinical Bearer
Strapping Bashful Vizier
Elite Unpredictable Elf
Bulbous Dishonest Curse-Bearer
Porcelain Uncommitted Former Slave
Wrinkled Foreign Thug
Greyish Fretful Pitfighter
Swift Boring Vigilante
Dirty Neutral Trickster
Disfigured Half-Blood Politician
Shaky Killjoy Bandit
Dark Clever Barterman
Wimpy Gullible Messenger
Ravishing Chaotic Soldier
Old Seeming Amoral Assistant
Cold Hateful Eunuch
Lunatic Blowhard Stall keep
Sweaty Harried Physiker
Cross-eyed Loving Laborer
Funny Rash Vendor
Barbarian Dangerous Extortionist
Stuttering Realistic Driver
Cute Odd Wizard
Battle-scarred Polite Hero
Brainy Intense Clerk
Flatulent Jaded Sailor
Ordinary Scheming Sweeper
Scrawny Open Caretaker
Knobby Phobic Guard
Muscled Rude Vintner
Stylish Ambitious Fisherman
Mousy Romantic Chamberlain
Shaggy Playful Business Owner
Thin-Lipped Solicitous Patron
Stooped Accident Prone High Noble
Pallid Bubbly Expert
Knowing Gluttonous Mystic
Bearded Brave Traveler
Middle-Aged Keen Entertainer
Exaggerated Loyal Moneychanger
Ugly Ostentatious Duelist
Dumb Amateur Gambler
Beautiful Hostile Heretic
Fair-skinned Sanctimonious Mason
Weak Fussy Shopkeep
Svelte Animated Judge
Petite Honest Gemcutter
Golden Drug-Addicted Portmaster
Rat-Like Charismatic Digger
Strange Well-Informed Interpreter
Coughing Calculating Innkeeper
Senile Absorbed Officer
Tainted Blithe Slave
Well-dressed Forgetful Scholar
Formal Ranked Leader
Sly Merciful Spouse
Downtrodden Selfish Glassblower
Olive Possessive Guildman


  1. I just saw this on the generator page (Last Gasp is mine, hi) and had to track down where it came from, the NPCs this outputs are SO GOOD!

    1. Oh good- I'm glad you found it useful! Last Gasp is awesome!

    2. Thanks! Seriously though this is really, really good. I must have clicked it about 30 times and nearly every one made me go "yeah, yeah I could run that right now, give me some players to talk at".
      It almost makes me look down on my own NPC generator in fatherly disappointment.

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