Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Video Evidence: Villains, Microscope, Kingdom, and 13th Age

This weekend I had a chance to sit in on Indie+'s "This Imaginary Life" covering the topic of Villains. I think we offer some usable insights. More importantly, I got to meet and talk with some new and super-sharp folks. 

In a couple of posts I've mentioned the city-building exercise we did for VirtuaCon. We used a modified version of Microscope for that. I've uploaded both of those videos in case you want to check out how that operates. Here's part one:

...and here's part two:

I also did a session of Kingdom recently. If you haven't had a chance to check out that game, you really should. We started with something that looked like Hogwarts at the start and went dark very quickly. 

Finally I've uploaded some of the more recent sessions of our 13th Age campaign. We use Roll20, but I record it in XSplit so you can see the app (I haven't figured out this Twitch stuff the big dogs are using). You can see the full playlist for this campaign here

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