Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cheaty Bastards: My RPG Cheat Sheet Collection

I’ve been running a bunch of different games over the last few months for The Gauntlet hangouts. That’s meant learning new rules and teaching them to players. I approach this by creating one-page cheat sheets for the games. I want to get all the basic mechanics on a single page. It doesn’t cover everything, but enough to get started. Distilling that gives me a better grasp on the rules. I usually spot a couple of things I overlooked in my initial reading.

I’ve put together a list of all the cheat sheets I’ve created. They're in pdf form with Dropbox links. If you’re playing/running these games you might find them useful. I may have overlooked crucial bits; give me a heads up if you spot something. If you’d like the text
version of these to modify for your own use, send me a message.

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