Monday, January 15, 2018

150 Details for 7th Sea Scenes

Inspirational details for opportunities, consequences, risks, or just color.

Animal trophy heads
Armor and shield display
Baby carriage
Baby, crying
Balconies, overlooking
Bank credit drafts
Banner tapestries
Barrel, rain
Barrels of ship’s tar
Basinet, ornate
Bench, flexible
Birds, caged
Block and tackle
Brass orrery, elegant
Bushes, bloom-filled
Bust, reasonable likeness
Cable, chandelier
Candelabra, standing
Cannon, ceremonial
Captain’s Maps
Carriage, unhooked
Cart or horse, spooked through
Cart, kitchen staff
Cask of flammable liquid
Cask of slippery liquid (water, beer, wine)
Chafing dish with cover
Chimney flue lever
Cipher wheel
Clock, spring-wound
Clockworks, massive
Clotheslines and pulley ropes
Convenient well
Cooking implements and/or boiling pots
Crate of netting
Curtains, loose
Deck, radically swaying
Dictionary, foreign
Display of masks
Display simulacrums, water-powered
Door bar, upraised
Dovecote, shattered
Drain-pipes, loose
Dropping metal doors
Dumbwaiter entrance
Ear horn
Fertilizer and wheel-barrow
Fireplace, walk-in
Firewood, badly stacked
Flooding with something
Floor grate for things to fall into
Flower arrangement, massive
Flower-box window ledge.
Flower-garden greenhouse
Footstool, runaway
Footwear, inappropriate
Fountain waterworks
Fowl, freshly roasted
Garter belt
Glass case, standing
Guards shutting the gates
Hatch holding back waters
Hidden door in the floor
Hidden door, spinning
Hidden pits
Household pets, let loose
Ice sculpture
Icon, religious
Iron fences, sharp tipped
Jewelry, slightly unhinged
Laboratory for natural sciences
Ladder, misplaced
Lady fan, ornate and distinct
Lantern, precariously
Letter of marque
Letters, love
List of names
Long table, food-cover
Loom, running
Loose stone ramparts
Lute, overlying large
Map, treasure
Menagerie animals, set free
Millstone, turning
Model ship
Muddied, sticky ground
Musical score
Narrow wooden bridge over rushing waters
Needles, sewing and knitting
Orchestra pit
Pail, nightsoil
Painter’s easel and paints
Painting, famous and valuable
Parallel flag poles
Parrot, irritating
Pendulum, massive
Piano forte, enormous
Pig on a spit
Pipe, smoking
Pistol stuck in a drawer
Playing card deck, hand-made
Podium with hidden door
Pond, deceptively deep
Printing press and boxes of type
Ribbon or stay, loose
Rocking Horse
Roof tiles, loose
Rope bridge, swaying
Rope, counterweight
Rows of bookshelves
Rows of flag banners
Rows of pews
Sack, coin-filled
Sack, flour
Sails, collapsing
Scaffolding, construction
Seal, official
Servant, erroneously entering
Servant, tray-carrying
Sextant, well-crafted
Silverware, pokers, or frying pans
Sniper, hidden
Snow drifts
Space within the raters
Spear or arrow trap
Stacked barrels, held by rope
Stage sets and rafters
Staircase, servants’
Standing closet, overfilled
Statue, large and teetering
Steep slope of mud or ice
Steps slippery from the rain
String quartets
Tools, workman’s
Trough, slops
Tub, washing
Urn with family ashes
Urn, Pickles
Volume of poetry, rare
Wall sconces, fixed
Wall trap, slowly closing
Weakened post bracing balcony
Windows, stained-glass
Wine, vintage
Writ of arrest
Yardarm, swinging

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