Friday, July 10, 2009


Friday Link-Blogging

If you're interested in what I did with the revision of the Wushu Martial Arts system for classic Storyteller, you can check that out here. I think I fixed some of the timing and other issues of the earlier versions for Unisystem, Gurps and True20. We'll see how it works in practice. I'm particularly pleased with the Styles and the color text on those.

I'm torn about whether or not the idea of having perfect visual memory is a good thing. In theory I like the concept, but in practice I have enough things in my life experience which I already can't unsee.

This has an interesting look at the upcoming miniatures game Arcane Legions. I like the idea, but in practice it has fail written all over it. I have a hard time imagining that historical miniatures combined with some collectibility and unpainted bulk figures will actually sell in this environment. Maybe they're planning on a smaller sales group and not going to be overly ambitious. OOH the system mechanics appeal to me. I like the abstract nature of the dice and system. The other related news is that everything I've heard suggests that the slow death of Origins as a game convention has accelerated. That's too bad- I enjoyed going there much more than GenCon. But if dealers aren't showing up, then a good part of the game con experience goes away.

I always love John Allison potential t-shirt designs. A little sad to hear that he's finishing up Scary-Go-Round soon.

I love game design theory and here's a nice post on asynchronous designs in games.

I'm no colorist-- I'll leave that to Art!-- but I found this long piece on Pacific Comics and how they handled their printing process really compelling. I recall reading many of these early Elric issues. I could claim in retrospect that I noted the colors then, but I'm not sure I had the taste or discrimination back then. It is a pretty amazing overview of a technical area I had no sense of before.

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