Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Linkdump October

As I catch my breath from the overly long L5R article I posted over the last couple of days. Sidenote: feeling slightly better, certainly less pain or at least more manageable. We'll see how this plays out-- I had planned on going back for another round of tests, but if the Prilosec's finally having an effect, I'll finish out the course of this and then check in.

* Here's a nice article on Japanese Storytelling conventions and ideas- in manga and anime. Sherri's an I were talking about this the other night after we watched Princess Raccoon. That's an unapologetic and strange movie. I've watched some anime recently where I tried to figure out what was subtext and what was text...at least in the case of Shikabane Hime, I hope there's some ironic commentary, if not I feel dirty.

* I've mentioned my love for the Shin Megami Tensai video games. This is an interesting article from the design team behind Persona 4 talking about what they thought went right and wrong with the product. I always like seeing those behind-the-scenes posts.

* Steamcon! and more Steampunk!

* I like the new Modest Mouse EP and there's a bizarre fan-made art project video for my favorite song from it.

* Tempting...

* A bookstore I'd like to visit.

* A link to a linkdump-- a nice collection of articles on role-playing.

* More of Robin Laws' insightful take on narrative and rpgs, the idea of The Win Space.

* Video games and the commodity model of sex.

* The Free RPG Blog is worth following as is gameplaywright.net which I linked to yesterday.

* Autotune Sagan plus.