Friday, December 11, 2009

AC: Example Unique Cards

Following from my last post, here's a partial list of the unique cards from the various campaigns-- I need to go back and fill in some gaps here.

A steampunk fantasy based campaign. I'm missing a few of the newer cards people have added into their decks.

Leather Blunt, the Half-Ogre acolyte
Life Among Eggshells: Everything around here is so delicate- chairs, tempers, people...sometimes you find yourself freezing for fear of accidentally destroying something.
Higher Standards: You know you must be a shining example to prove yourself. Now you demonstrate unfailing excellence that all must acknowledge. Your performance is masterful, but showy.
Damnable Instincts: You hate it-- but every once in a while you find yourself falling back into the crude Orcish habits of your upbringing. Good for Physical and Combat tests; Bad for Knowledge or Social tests...well, except intimidation.
The Art of Tolerance: You've put up with quite a bit here in your time at Libri Vidicos. In doing so you've become stronger- able to resist and stand steadfast in the face of obstacles- from both enemies and allies.
Steadfast Companion: You once stood on your own, but you've learned anything truly great requires comrades. If you are working with someone else, you win big-- if acting alone, you lose focus and concentration.

Samiir Tracy, the inquisitive would-be sleuth
Aha- You Did It!: Gain an advantage in the situation if you can work an accusation into the action. If not, then the situation remains deadlocked.
Stinky Cheese: You come from a family that prides itself on an air of competency and sophistication-- however sometimes there are lapses into rough language, slovenly manners and a base desire to glut oneself. Your faux pas may be to your advantage in some situations or otherwise it will be an embarrassment.
...But I Am Righter Than You: If you're competing with another person then your air of self-satisfied arrogance overwhelms them! If this is an uncontested activity then you've drifted off into reverie about your fantastic performance.
We Call Them Clues: You spot something that reveals a vital point-- perhaps a weakness in an opponent's stance, an opportunity to make a break, a rich detail...however your concentration on these matters works against you in a physical test-- distracting you.

Sergei Firstprime, the aspiring dashing hero
Heroic Surge!: The blood of heroes runs in through your veins. You leap forward, Shout out and seize the day ! Great in some situations... but social or in the classroom...
You Handsome Devil: Women love you... but men envy you... your result depends on the gender of your opposition.
Weight of Expectations: You find yourself frozen... if you fail... embarrass yourself... then how will you face your parents?
Tales from the Steppes: This situation reminds you of a story your mother told you. Think quick to seize control of the situation.
"It's Hard Work Being Me!" : Being a dashing you hero isn't easy. Draw top card of discard pile for result of action. If failure, gain a drama point.
Perfect Defense: You have a parry for every stroke, an evasion for every question, and an excuse for every mistake.
Goin' all John Woo !!: Physical / Combat : Sergei has a moment of glory with such style and grace it leaves any on-lookers awestruck. Social / Knowledge : The brooding young hero has other things on his mind just now and it no time for romance.

H. Robert Valmont, the aspiring would-be dashing thief
An Eye for the Finer Things: Your appraising glance allows you to spot the minor details that others might miss... but if you're not careful your greed might get the best of you.
Caught Out!: You've overextended yourself -- exposed your actions! Cheese it!
Bow Before Me!: Sometimes you cannot control the force of your presence... that can be good sometimes, but you may run the risk of monologuing.
Your Thomas Hawk, Sir...: In your time you've managed to pocket away many little knick-knacks and plans to serve every situation.
Make Your Own Luck: You may reshuffle your choice of cards (except this one) back into your deck and then continue.
Unflappable: Eidolons, dopplegangers, dream-stealing demon cats... Libri Vidicos is a new world compared to the court of Atlantae. Lucky for you, you are getting used to strange experiences.

Beletan Alonius, the out of place Elf (missing some of his cards)
Proving Yourself: They all hate you, so you have to do everything twice as well -- show them your skill and prowess.
At Home Outside: In the great outdoors you are a master, under the stars you have no equal. Inside...indoors...not so good.
Great and Mighty Elvish Lore: You can call upon the lore of the Elves...which could be helpful in some situations, but in others it could be a hindrance.
Oh No...I Couldn't: Your fear of change, breaking your own codes freeze you in place.

Sokka, the circus-born youngster
You... Barbarian!: Your avoidance of social niceties and the 'rules' can come in handy in some situations... some... but in others it may be the death of you.
Fell For It: Wow. I can't believe you bought that. Just wow.
Trixy Minx: Your agility is legendary and on occasion you can apply it to other aspects beyond the realm of the physical.
You Meet the Oddest People...: In your time on the road... you saw many things, met many people... is there something you learned there? Or are you merely distracted by the memories?
My Friend Zef: Being friends with a sprightly air spirit has many advantages. But its mischievous nature can sometimes get you into trouble... especially in situations requiring social grace and refinement.
Hamhock Assault: Why was the GM so specific about an attack with a hamhock? Even he doesn't remember. Describe the results of action as if the GM had forgotten some detail(s) important to the scene.

Cerise Kestrel Antigrym, the dramatic Shaddai
Echoing Thoughts: Your gifts are erratic at best ... but sometimes you can pick up a hint or intuition ... think quick before that little voice becomes a distraction.
Center of Attention: You can draw the gaze of any male at the cost of infuriating the ladies. Your result depends on the gender of your opponent or competitor.
Power Nap: Eyes ... getting ... heavy ... must stay awake ... but pillow calling ...
I Was Acting!: Ta-Daa! You fell for my magnificent performance!
Tie-Breaker: Set this card aside -- on the next tie or Deadlock in this scene you may play this to take the advantage before any skills or edges are scored.

Lucretia "Lucy" Moonfall D'Amberville, the Aoniaen gadgeteer (missing some cards I think)
A Full Six Foot of D'Amberville: A rich and storied history, a land of secrets and experiences unlike any other give you an up in such situations. However, your heritage betrays you in matters of balance and dexterity.
Eleven!: There are few obstacles that cannot be overcome by the careful and efficacious application of the potentiometer. Though there are some risks involved...
Oh Look, Ponies!: Your sense of wonder and appreciation of life makes you stop and smell the flowers. Your choice of what constitutes an appropriate moment and object of attention remains...questionable.
I Have Something for That OR Arcanoscience!: Only the truly masterful understand the paradigms of both worlds and only the inspired can see how those rules and theorems apply to the real world.

Pisca, the Wizened Inventor
Gears within Gears: You sometimes manage to see things in the abstract language of forces, interactions and vectors. This gives you a good result for physical and social - but becomes confusing for knowledge and combat.
O.K. Computer: If the action you are attempting doesn't involve a physical interaction with someone else, you succeed. If you have to interface with another being, you fail.
Disconnect - Curse: Everything comes to you at a remove - viewed through a fish-eyed lens. You lose your sense of coherence and purpose momentarily - resulting in failure through distraction.
Tin Man: You've hardened your heart - if what you are doing involves breaking down, undoing, damaging or deconstructing you win big. If you are attempting acts of creation and growth you freeze up.

Toy, the Ogre Child
Goblin Tricks: You've picked up more than a few sneaky moves in your time in the Hedge. Your triumph comes through deception and sheer force of wicked wit.
From the Toy box: Going supercute can be an asset if you are attempting a social or combat action. For Physical or Knowledge, not so much.
Back to Basics - Curse: Sometimes an ogre just drops back to primitive behavior - uncontrollable tantrums, awful gullibility or stubbornness - undercutting and deflating your attempting.
A Winning Smile: Your performance and ability to weave a tale comes into play. If your action interacts with another person you succeed. Otherwise you distract yourself with reverie.

Black Annie, the Darkling/Ogre seeker
On Your Own: If you're flying solo, you marshal your skills -- however, in a crowd, you lose focus and attention.
NOM.: You know how to chew through any problem -- literally and figuratively.
A Certain Slant of Light (Curse): All it takes is a glint, a glimmer, or a shine of light to throw you off your game. (My eyes!)
...Who?: Passing unnoticed is second nature, now -- great for sneaking and hunting, but making social situations difficult at best.

Ash and Embers, the Fairest Draconic
In the Right Role: You call upon your experience as a martial leader, giving you success in combat or social- but terrible for Knowledge and physical success if the action demands a flourish
Cruel Majesty: Your brilliant, burning self will out-- you perform the action with aplomb, but cannot contain the force of your own presence. That can be good sometimes, but your necessary monologuing may alienate others or give the heroes a chance to act...
Regaining Honor: If your action is true and virtuous, you succeed. If you've given into your base urges, you fail spectacularly.
Dreadful Phantoms (Curse): You've done awful things- horrors that came naturally to you. A sudden Memory strikes you -requiring a clarity test- failure will undercut your action attempt as well.

Sarah No-Tears, the Wizened Physiker

(curse) Raging Injustice: The world overwhelms and you become frustrated and enraged - losing control with a fury of venom, spite and lack of focus.
Doctor's Orders: You've learned to cut - in more ways than one. For Social and Combat, you win big. Otherwise you find yourself caught up in yourself.
Weight of New Flesh: For Smarts or Physical you have an understanding and degree of control. However, for Social and Combat, a fear of exposure hampers you.
Paradoxical Rounds: You've been trained by example through puzzle, misdirection and complicated choice. If you can provide a complex or labyrinthine solution to your task, you win--otherwise you're stumped by simplicity.

I need to get everyone's unique cards recorded-- I haven't done that yet.

Broken Fate: You fail, but not from any fault of your own - instead the world and environment turn against you.
Relentlessly You: You know who you are and that things will turns towards the right path - that certainty propels you forward to success.
Right Thing for the Right Moment: You have something for that - a fact, an opportunity, an object - allowing you a situational advantage.
Making the Impossible Everyday: You often fail at the commonplace and mundane...but when attempting something bizarre or over-the-top, you win.

The first extended campaign I ran with Action Cards and the first to have Unique Cards. I still wasn't sure how I was using them in this game, so at least one of them actually represented a power in each persons deck. As the game evolved I began to see the utility of them. I need to track these down.

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