Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Links They Will Not Cease

Working on a Campaign Postmortem of the Star Wars game, a look at my objectives and how those played out. But for today I'd like to point out some interesting links (rpg and otherwise).

So, yes, linkdump.

*Halfjack over at Blue Collar Space always has interesting things to say. This post on the idea of game balance has a ton of ideas, especially about the system itself being tailored (via the resolution mechanic) to group actions.

*A post on Story Complications which I think has some application to gaming. I've certainly been guilty of laying things on too thick without resolving them. I'm trying to be better about that-- having in mind that the situations could be resolved now, not at some indeterminate future when I have all the plot ducks in a row.

*A look at Gigazine, a Japanese-language blog that seems to cover all manner of strangeness.

*Again from i09, a look at what anime can teach you about ending a story-- for better or worse. I think there's a lot to be taken from the strange narrative structures of anime which appear like standard western conventions, but shift on closer inspection. They're good models for the rising arcs in some campaigns.

*The obligatory Robin Laws citation, this time on the idea of conflicting sympathies for characters. I think worth thinking about further, having had players who clearly envisioned their characters as sympathetic, but that not be the reaction of other players or myself.

*An overly analytical approach to task and productivity management with game prep.

*52 Ways to Die in a Cave.

*Via Shari Unhappy Hipsters ("A Softer World for architecture buffs...")

*An interesting idea on how to fund creative projects.

*BoingBoing on Mad "Engineers". A good point for superhero games and stories.

*Based on this session report, Fiasco is a game I really want to pick up and get a group together for.

*The contract is sealed.

*An amazing high-schooler webcomics guy, Mocktopus. Currently raising funds for getting a new computer.

*Like colors? Sure we all do, but who really does anything about it?

*Could miniature gaming become respectable? (Answer: no)

*Alternate Jedi.

*Beck's Record Clubdoes INXS' Kick. Nuff said.

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