Saturday, November 13, 2010

RPG Linkdump

Since I haven't for some time, I'll fall back on a link-dump today of things I've found interesting recently. Before I do that, I should mention that the hardcover collection of Legends of the Guard for Mouse Guard is apparently coming out soon. I haven't actually seen a copy yet- but I highly recommend it, especially my story which appeared in the second issue. Yes- that is a shameless plug. *cough* here's a link *cough*

*Propnomicon presents some discussion on the fine details of aging paper for use as a prop.

*Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World) watched a glut of horror films for October and then broke down some of the elements.

*This is an interesting blog post against summing up and reducing elements at the table. I think it comes out of games where that kind of compression is the norm- make a skill roll and move on- whereas we play more in the other direction. We decompress most things and the exception to the rule comes in moments of handwaving which are less interesting or fruitful for plots.

*Game Chef does an annual competition for game submissions based around a set of themes. This year those were City, Desert, Edge, and Skin. I've been putting those in the RPG Geek database which has meant reading through most of the entries (I still have the last dozen plus to read). There's some really wild stuff there. If you're interested in game design and crazy concepts it is worth looking through those.

*David J Rodger gave me a nice shout out on his blog. His Yellow Dawn rpg, set in a post-apocalypse world with a very specific Cthulhu Mythos god having won sounds interesting-- Hastur's victory in Yellow Dawn. I like the idea of that- a narrow focus on one of the thematic gods of the stories. Of course I'm imagining a hack of that with Apocalypse World.

*The Campaign Mastery blog has the second part of an interesting series. One of the classic approaches to game analysis is coming up with archetypes for characters. This series is trying to build a new set of approaches to that. I think it is worth taking a look at.

*Applying Herman Hesse to the FATE system.


*I would run or play in this Exalted campaign.

I'll leave that at that.


  1. I didn't know about Yellow Dawn. That's a brilliant idea. The countdown clock is really unsettling.

    It's a natural for AW. The idea popped in my head for a Fiasco playset -- a company of actors hired to perform "The King in Yellow". *shudder*

  2. Guess I should check all those guys old then

  3. I like the concept-- I need to pick that up and he's doing a revised version in the future. I'm not as fond of the straight Raod Warrior post-apocalypse future AW begins with, so a small shift could be really excellent.

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