Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changeling Lost Vegas: Session Ten: Beginners' Luck

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This Episode:
We had three of five players this session, and we took up immediately following the previous adventure. I ran through the logistics of stripping Greyhand Grip's magic rail car: calling on the born-again werewolf Lucas to assist with transport. The group headed to the Autumn Court to deliver what they'd found: Greyhand's corpse, the three containers of Moon Milk, and various loose bits and pieces from the site. Shark-Fingered Princess met them at her fairyland-dollhouse hollow where she listened to their story. She seemed less interested in the body of Greyhand, merely indicating she would see to the disposal of it. She asked about any papers or cards found on the site, at which point John produced the lovey-dovey sketches the dead Smith had drawn of the Princess. She seemed uninterested, clearly hoping the group found something else. To examine the Moon Milk she called forward Zippet Rausch, a Swarm Elemental made of insects. He checked the liquid and then whispered briefly to the Princess. Amber overheard him say, "This should be enough for the cauldron." Shark-Fingered Princess announced that the group had satisfactorily completed the task. She gave them right of salvage to the railcar (effectively raising the level of Scrapyard for their hollow by one) and one third of the Moon Milk recovered. Pressed, she would only describe it as a form of concentrated glamour, a kind of dream draught. 

The group returned back to Sunswept Ranch and considered their next move. If they followed their pattern  they would next go to the Summer Court for their task and then pay a call on the Spring Court to acquaint themselves. They discussed how to handle the Moon Milk, at which point John took a slug of the stuff. He froze briefly in place and then headed out to his workshop. There he began to forge chains. Amber and Morosa watched him, and tried to keep him calm when he came out of his weird Lunar haze. The chains upset him and made him angry and scared, nearly lashing out and attacking his Motley Mates, nearly drawing the Pledge Sanction. Amber spoke to him carefully and eased his temper. Morosa and Amber hid away the Milk and the Chains. 

Next, I took advantage of the small number of players to do a "Once Around," essentially individual scenes for each player. 

John Smith received a call from a Changeling, asking if he was willing to do an auto inspection for him on some cars he'd come into possession of. John met the Changeling face-to-face who turned out to be the Beast Bunny, Dudley Ladyquake. he offered John $3000 to check and make sure the four cars he'd bought we're up to specs: reinforced suspension, bulletproofed, rigged with nitrous, and free of tracking devices. John did so, noting that the four muscle cars had been rigged to seat extremely tall drivers. He found a GPS tracker which Dudley asked him to disable. The beast paid him his money and the two parted. 

Morosa Scorned spoke with Mrs. Pang, one of the senior Winter Courtiers the motley hadn't met yet. She asked about Morosa's nature as an Ogre Witchtooth and her Occult skills, and then requested she helped her on a job. They met up at an apartment where Mrs. Pang showed her the body of a lizard-like Beast Changeling, Forgone Collusion, who had apparently killed himself. However Mrs. Pang had noted the various magical tools around the area and wanted to know if there was anything to worry about. Morosa discovered that Forgone had been in the middle of a ritual to lay a self-harm curse on someone. He'd screwed up the process and the magicks had flown back on him. The curse energy which would have been placed in eggs, had flown off into the Changeling's kitchen, infecting the eggs there. Morsosa also realized that the energy had continued on into a neighbors apartment. using her wiles she managed to gain entry and get the Dreadul Free-Range Eggs of Doom away from the smitten neighbor. She returned as Mrs. Pang was finishing her corpse-grinding and passed on the information. 

Amber Sunshine Jones, having been told that there were other alien look-alike beings in Las Vegas, decided to go out hunting for them. She checked out the casinos on the strip, noting the strangeness of some and the Keeper-Cursed atmosphere of others. She avoided the hedge side of things here. After some searching she found herself on the monorail running between casinos and the downtown. From another car, she saw three short Grey-like aliens clearly disguised from humans. They were carefully maneuvering and subtly separating a thirteen-year old from the rest of his friends in the train car. Despite her terror, Amber made her way into the car, using her Mirrorskin nature to playact a crazy woman yelling and taunting. Her energy broke the Alien's efforts and the teen ran back to his group. However, the three Greys moved to intercept Amber. She ran back to previous car, but just missed exiting at the stop. She ran further down the car, screaming about aliens, with the three hot on her heels. In the next car, one of the passengers could clearly see through Amber's Mask and the aliens' disguise. Amber ran close to her and then pointed and shouted at the Greys. With attention drawn to them, the three scuttled off at the next station. Amber spoke to the woman, who seemed not to be a Changeling, but had hazy, dreamlike scars on her skin. She introduced herself as Serenissima and listened to Amber's tale of Alien Invaders and Kidnappings. Off balance, the woman seemed unsure what to make of it, but offered Amber her phone number in case she needed help in the future. 

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