Monday, July 28, 2014

222 Neo Shinobi Vendetta NPCs

Following the lead of many, many others, I put together a quick random NPC generator for our Neo Shinobi Vendetta campaign. It isn't perfect there, but it works. It uses a three trait structure- physical trait, character trait, and a profession. Many other generators have a more robust list, but this works decently (222 items per list). Below is a version of that outputted from the Excel sheet, with each item only appearing once. For excellent generators, check out Last Gasp (though I'm guessing most already know about that). 

Muscled Impudent Contact
Crusty Repetitious Transcriber
Bright-Eyed Shiftless Evictor
Red-faced Apprehensive Cyberpsycho
Scary Narcissistic Shiroma
Inexperienced Dissatisfied Interpreter
Mixed Race Studious Conspirator
Old Hateful Trader
Young Seeming Sanctimonious Bodyguard
Mousy Suspicious Mecha Pilot
Ravishing Self-Controlled Squatter
Pale Enthusiastic Food Processor
Cyber'd Envious Fanatic
Bearded Phobic Singer
Doe-eyed Vexed Clerk
Saucy Fearful Patron
Sweaty Menacing Investigator
Broad-Shouldered Stubborn Prefectural Authority
Charming Polite Fixer
Senile Delusional Wanderer
Tough Frustrated Builder
Mumbling Fretful Digger
Rough Profane Secret Police
Articulate Dishonest Gang Member
Glowing Blithe Athlete
Porcelain Bubbly Arasaka
Half-Blooded Rich AI Specialist
Crazed Ranked Bouncer
One-eyed Lawful CEO
Wide-Eyed Well-Informed Street Tough
Flabby Clever Demolition Man
Clean Playful Inventor
Sexy Trouble-Free Test Subject
Weak Shy Musician
Pert Sacrificing Kami
Neat Lucky Streetfighter
Lanky Feckless Geneticist
Enigmatic Amoral Survivor
Greasy Corrupt Attache
Poor Drug-Addicted Private Eye
Virile Faithful Prostitute
Strange Serious Scrapman
Hunchbacked Keen Wisdom
Clumsy Unpredictable Janitor
Helpless Aspiring Yakganger
Lively Chaotic Retainer
Vulpine Odd Thug
Insane Helpful Hacker
Bland Hostile Vendor
Lithe Urban Gambler
Fair-skinned Rash Maid
Colorful Bored Yokai
Stuttering Law-abiding Worker
Aloof Altruistic Organ Legger
Exaggerated Clinical Beggar
Old Seeming Bashful Apprentice
Knowing Evil Landlord
Impulsive Heart-Broken Administrator
Svelte Flirtatious Servant
Coughing Sexist Pervert
Emaciated Cautious Sake Master
Short Righteous Customs Official
Weird-eyed Sleepy Pilot
Brawny Brazen Rumormonger
Mangled Tolerant Officer
Aggressive Animated Surveillance Officer
Athletic Patient Ikko Ikki
Deaf Harried Dancer
Elite Rowdy Boss
Soft-skinned Benign Agitator
Perfumed Indignant Ecoterrorist
Formal Hungry Climber
Cold Careless Bearer
Tattooed Frigid Artist
Graceful Covetous Meat-Packer
Withered Promiscuous Advisor
Immaculate Gossipy Teacher
Quiet Inhuman Guard
Ugly Touchy Business Owner
Ordinary Gruff Anarch
Thin-Lipped Violent Glammer
Elegant Friendly Interpreter
Creamy Precise Sewer Diver
Ebony Amateur Cybercriminal
Wimpy Genial Mystic
Thin Disgusted Criminal
Stooped Prim Liar
Deformed Shallow Ronin
Voluptuous Off-Putting Samurai
Scarred Lordly Dilettante
Fae-like Neutral Policeman
Dirty Solicitous Villain
Stitched Tight-Lipped Socialite
Repugnant Thick-Skinned Oyamado
Bent Hysterical Theoretical Scientist
Fearsome Trustworthy Goda
Natural Quarrelsome Dentist
Perfect Apologetic Duelist
Exotic Sarcastic Armorer
Uncultured Grumpy Monk
Robust Ambitious Botanist
Curvy Inexperienced Tinker
Branded Infamous Stall keep
Hard of Hearing Reclusive Miner
Brainy Reliable Consultant
Gap-Toothed Jaded Videographer
Portly Pure Wildlander
Business-like Talkative Torturer
Busty Obsessive Extortionist
Pierced Moody Madam
Dreadlocked Loyal Spy
Squat Small-Time Priest
Bulbous Racist Low Corp
Mulleted Pugnacious Weapon Tech
Middle-Aged Hormonal Animal Specialist
Cute Wanted Gunman
Cross-eyed Possessive Leader
Rat-Like Crude Electrician
Beefy Gullible Hero
Pock-marked Chaste Laborer
Olive Ill-Informed Mortuary Tech
Furtive Sharp-Tongued Judge
Petite Adaptable Lunatic Fringer
Composed Soft Spoken Terraformer
Greying Dazzling Heretic
Golden Harmonies Nurse
Lunatic Disloyal Mechanic
Pleasant Preoccupied Professor
Humming Rigid Assessor
Mole-faced Brave Academic
Funny Repressed Enforcer
Wig-wearing Strict Distiller
Gravelly Brave Theater Owner
Tall Refined Raider
Oddly-Attired Vain Auctioneer
Strapping Heartless Veterinarian
Full-Conversion Level-headed Urban Explorer
Wild Regretful Reporter
Scrawny Contrary Doorman
Flaxen Subservient Spouse
Worried Fussy Warehouser
Alluring Self-Confident Offical
Smart Dangerous Politician
Haggard Whimsical Server
Smelly Miserly Eunuch
Loud Absorbed Shogunate
Unassuming Alcoholic Henchman
Talented Vengeful Procurer
Bizarre Honest Security Expert
Disfigured Humble Gardener
Wiry Assertive Buyer
Comely Killjoy Scholar
Shaggy Forgetful Programmer
Hirsute Uncommitted Prostetic Master
Young Stern High Priest
Unfashionable Desperate Doshin
Dark Open Pornographer
Gaudy Cocky Sorcerer
Elderly Shrewd Assassin
Shifty Romantic Manservant
Innocent Gluttonous Bandit
Barking Unlucky Guide
Lame Depressed Fringe Scientist
Wrinkled Selfish Architect
Dumb Arrogant Prison Guard
Foreign Saintly Forger
Lurking Abrasive Streetrunner
Flatulent Guilt Ridden Fashionista
Downtrodden Defiant Muscle
Tired Generous Agent
Marked Idealistic Corrupter
Energetic Queer Thief
Agile  Agitated Legalist
Shaky Rude Machinist
Mute Professional Weaver
Elongated Calculating Shop keep
Greyish Cultured Spice Merchant
Loud Hyperactive Con Artist
Angular Giggly Doctor
Well-dressed Loving Research Scientist
Scratching Troublesome Chef
Wooden Passionate Taisho
Unkempt Feisty Urchin
Blind Gung Ho Magistrate
Dense Charismatic Matron
Hairless Inconsiderate Weapon Trainer
Beautiful Hotheaded Repairman
Anemic Boring Shaman
Sly Intense Stylist
Predatory Responsive Sewerman
Knobby Timid Oracle
Stylish Famous Drug Dealer
Fat Grateful Jinrai
Chiseled Content Zaibatsu Officer
Pot-Bellied Illiterate Toolmaker
Experienced Blowhard Roboticist
Dyed Wealthy Dupe
Swift Blissful Baker
Plain Secretive Bounty Hunter
Distinctive Garrulous Street Sweep
Near-Sighted Skilled BioTech
Small  Foreign Rocket Biker
Staring Proud Soldier
Rosy Accident Prone Fireman
Balding Ostentatious Kidnapper
Twisted Indecisive Assistant
Acned Strong-Willed Rival
Stiff-Backed Lazy Escort
Steady Weak-Willed Saboteur
Smooth Merciful Racer
Awkward Sadistic Road Warden
Pallid Companionable Scavenger
Sloppy Punctual Gang Leader
Big Accepting Caretaker
Strong Quirky Wrecker
One-Armed Scheming Moneylender
Battle-scarred Prudent Shintoist
Hesitant Honor Bound Informant
Freckled Realistic Financier
Local Remorseful Driver
Warty Morose Entertainer
Refined Unfriendly Vigilante

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