Monday, October 6, 2014

Amber, Spouses, Game Design & More: VirtuaCon Panels

I’ll be doing several panels for VirtuaCon so as to make myself crazy and offer an excellent resume in case anyone needs to fill out RPG panels in the future. I have a plan. Maybe next year I’ll have the courage to submit a Metatopia or GenCon panel. I moderated three panels last year for VirtuaCon, but I wanted to focused more on running games this time. So I’m only moderating and organizing one, but it is pretty cool.

Sat, Oct 11, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern
Only two of the PLOT team could make it to VirtuaCon, so we decided to celebrate Brian Cooksey’s favorite game. In the tradition of our Changeling the Lost episode, I wanted to get gamers together to talk about running and playing. This jam considers two excellent games which share the same engine. Steve Russell, Phil Vecchione, Brian Cooksey, Kristin Hunt, and I will talk about the challenges of running, what we've done with campaigns, what drew us to the settings, and what it's like to play. Ideally we'll also have a Q&A going. If you’re curious about these games or diceless systems in general check it out. If you’re a veteran of either and want to join in, we still have another chair open. Give me a heads up.

Fri, Oct 10, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern
“Do you Game with your SO / Partner / Lifemate? Do you wish someday you could? Submit questions and come watch a fun group of gamers talk about their highs and lows gaming with their SOs, learn some tips and tricks as well!” Rich Rogers invited Sherri and I to join in on this. Since she and I game together for 90% of our campaigns, it seems a fair cop.
24-Hour RPGs: How did you do it?

Sat, Oct 11, 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM Eastern
“Ever wonder what it was like to design an RPG in 24 hours? Join your hosts as they talk about their experiences with whipping up new games on the fly.” Yes, you read that time correctly. I’ll nap between sessions. Jacob Wood of Accessible Games will be moderating this panel. I’ve twice submitted 24 Hour Games (Witless Minions and Arclight Revelation Tianmar). I’ve also struck out twice with attempts, including a submission for this year. I’ll be curious about everyone else’s methods.

Sat, Oct 11, 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM Eastern
“As GM’s and players, we all accumulate a set of techniques and tricks we find useful time and time again. Our experienced panel will discuss their go-to tools for making gaming sessions more enjoyable for the whole group (GMs included).” Another Rich Roger joint. I have a few concrete techniques I like to share- easy and fast things, often stolen from other places.

Sun, Oct 12, 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM Eastern
“Tabletop roleplaying games are set in a variety of genres and worlds. What are some of the most popular games in each? Where do some games fall short? Join us for a survey of various RPG genres, a discussion of high and low points, and a look at upcoming new games.” Another early morning one. This panel’s led by my friend Steve Sigety (of Kaijuville). It also includes Derek Stoelting, the new Unisystem Line Developer for Eden Studios. I’m hoping to use and plug my histories of rpg genres.

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