Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Action Cards: Sky Racers Unlimited

I’m getting ready for our next OCI portal, Sky Racers Unlimited. I’ll be using Action Cards with a mash up of X-Wing/Crimson Skies/Fate. First I have to prepare the special cards for the portal. Players draft cards for their Action Cards decks in each one. So we’ve had a fantasy themed set, a modern set, and a cyber-ninja set. I change around names, add & remove effects, balance, reword descriptions, and retire cards which were used a lot at the table or don’t work as well. Each player will end up with two Unique cards and one Unique Failure card in their decks. They’ll pick up double that in the drafting process and then make a final selection.

I have to design these a bit before the start of the campaign since it takes time to have them printed by DriveThru Cards (yea! data breach!). I change the color scheme and text style to match the genre. A drafting set consists of these 60 cards plus 36 area result cards also drafted to a player’s 14 card base set. Everyone also gets a blank card to write up during play. I also tagged on some new Atomic Robo-style initiative cards based on a G+ suggestion and blank plane damage consequences cards.  

Remaining Tasks for This Campaign:
  1. Finish Mechanics for Aerial Combat
  2. Finish Mechanics for Building Planes
  3. Character Sheet for Planes
  4. Finish "23 Thing About Sky Racers Unlimited" Handout
  5. Select Skill List
  6. Modify Stunt List
  7. Character Sheets

Lone Wolf
You handle things on your own. If acting completely solo, you Win Big. If acting with a team, they just get in your way and hold you back and you fail.
If your action is noble and selfless, you Win Big. If you're covering your own ass or acting for your own benefit, guilt catches you and you fail.
Working with someone, you Win Big through coordination. If you're alone in this task, you miss something vital and screw up.
Full Throttle
You act with maximum force. You succeed with Amazing. But for anything requiring delicacy, you blow it and cause additional complications.
Feats of Daring
The ordinary’s boring and you fail at that. If attempting something you’ve never done before or in a new way, you Win Big.
3 Days to Retirement
If you're looking out for number one, you Win Big. If acting to help someone else instead of saving your own skin, you fail.
If the action doesn't involve human interaction, you Win Big. If you actually have to talk with someone, you fail.
To the Rescue
If you're creating or protecting something, then you Win Big. If it involves taking apart, damaging, or destroying, then you fail.
Life of the Party
If you’re involves interacting or talking with another person, You Win big. Otherwise you become distracted, bored or simply lost.
Slick Operator
If your action involves trickery or deception, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.
Look There!
You spot an opponent's weakness or a new opportunity. You do Great and may add an aspect with a free invoke. However, for Physical tests distraction makes you fail instead.
Gun It!
If you're taking apart, damaging or destroying something, then you Win Big. If you’re creating or protecting, you fail.
Show Off
You succeed with an Amazing, but in the loudest possible manner-- drawing attention to your success. This can be good in some places, but not where subtlety's necessary.
Fly Low
You succeed with an Amazing, but in the quietest way possible. People may not even notice you've acted. This may undermine the final effect.
Sacrifice Play
You have another Moment of Glory, but lose your next action. Any reaction pulls on the following turn are capped at OK.
In the Mix
If you’re in a Combat, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.
Back in the Ring
If you have a Consequence in your discards, you Win Big. Otherwise you do Great.
You have something for the situation and Win Big! -- but you only have a moment to say what that is before the GM adds a major catch.
Shake the Tail
You anticipate your opponent's actions and counter assaults of any kind. Win Big. If drawn for aggressive actions, your caution betrays you.
Like Gangbusters
You succeed with speed, gaining advantage through reflexes and response. Win Big. If your action requires calm or care, you fail.
Too Lucky
Victory lies within reach. If you spend a Fate point, you Win Big. Otherwise you Just Miss.
Take the Hit
You take damage in relation to your degree of success. Choose!
Hard Bargain
You take consequences in relation to your degree of success. Choose!
If you have a skill or specialty related to the task, you Win Big. Otherwise you Just Miss.
If you’re the person giving the orders in the scene, you Win Big. Otherwise you Just Miss.
If you had time prepare and plan before this scene, you Win Big. If facing surprises, twists, or unexpected events, you come up short.
Go On Instinct
If facing surprises, twists, or unexpected events, you Win Big. If you had time to consider and reflect, you overthink and come up short.
Second Wind
If you've taken damage this scene, you Win Big. Otherwise an OK result.
You Bastards!
If one of your allies has taken damage this scene, you Win Big. Otherwise an OK result.
You Win Big by using up or burning out something. Lose use of a piece of vital equipment, Skill or Stunt (GM choice) until repaired.
Scatter Like Roaches
If you're dealing with mooks, flunkies, or a faceless opposition, you Win Big and cut through. If battling a named foe or force, you fail.
If battling a named foe or force, you Win Big. If you're dealing with mooks, flunkies, or a faceless opposition, you do OK.
In My Sights
You do Amazing. Add +2d to any damage you roll as a result of this action.
Easy Going
If you’re outside of Combat, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.
Lock ‘em Down
If dealing with active opposition, you make no progress but cancel their next action. For everything else, you do Great.
That’s My Baby
If you’re flying or working with a plane, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.
Out of the Gate
If this is your first test of a scene or combat, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.
For My Next Trick
You do Great and set yourself up. Gain a +1 bump to the result of your next test this scene.
Take It From Here
You do Great and set someone else up. The next player to draw this scene gains a +1 bump to their test.
If you have an audience beyond your allies and enemies, you Win Big. Otherwise you just do OK.

Crash & Burn
Something breaks and results in a Just Missed. Lose a skill, stunt, or piece of equipment until you have a chance to pull it together.
Bad Manager
You're too worried about everyone else's actions and performance to concentrate on your own.
War Wound
An old injury- of the body or mind- acts up and causes you to fail. What and how?
I Got This
You overextend yourself by being a little too flashy and overconfident.
Let Them Down
Self-doubt or desire to avoid commitment causes you to seize up.
Drawing Heat
You do Great, but the strength or alertness of the opposition rises significantly.
Head in the Clouds
You're easily lost, no matter what the situation. You fail due to distraction.
No Surrender!
Your natural stubbornness gets in your way-- making the wrong choice or trapping you as you steam over a past slight.
You become too wrapped up in the details and concentration, losing command of the bigger picture and failing.
You do something inappropriate. Wrong thing for the wrong time.
Breaking Point
You push yourself to extremes. That catches up to you now as exhaustion makes you stumble.
Who’s Number One?
You look out for yourself, and that instinct towards self-protection gets in the way right now.
Down in Flames
You Just Miss, but you create an additional problem. Add a Minor Consequence to your deck.
One More Second…
Your care and deliberation mean that you make no progress in your attempt. For extended tests, things move forward slooowly.
Meh. You Just Miss. This card may not be redrawn.
Why are we talking?! You make your move too early as your impatience gets the best of you.
You Just Miss, but you feel the shame of your screw up. The GM deals you Composure damage based on your audience.
Weirdness Magnet
A bizarre coincidence, appearance or random happening interferes with your action. What does that look like?
Where Were You?
If you’re alone, you have a Catastrophic failure. If you have allies nearby, you Just Miss.
I Have You…Gak!
You think you see your chance, but squander it by showing off or monologuing.

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