Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Changeling Campaign Progress

Finished the next to last of the Changeling interludes-- essentially short stories for each of the players detailing their interactions with some aspect of Changeling existence. Have to figure out what to do for the last player-- I'm waiting on a narrative he's been composing. I don't want to write something that ends up stepping too much on his self-concept.

Gaming-wise I have several things on the table
1) Developing and continuing to set-up the story for Changeling. We're a few sessions in, but it still feels very early. I've doled out things carefully-- since part of the experience of that game needs to be dealing with weirdness and new situations in combination with trying to live real lives. I'm planning for the first "real" combat and adventure coming up here this week. I want to make that particularly interesting while giving them time to keep up with their own plots. Since we only play for about three hours per session, I try not to take any breaks and keep chatter to a minimum.

2) Working on the Libri Vidicos game I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I told players I'd get to any emails they sent within 48 hours. I may regret that. I have some structural work on the narrative to do there.

3) The most work I have in front of me is for the next Sunday campaign. We finished out the Scion mini-campaign before the holidays. They agreed they wanted to go back to revisit a previous campaign setting (or at least that was the one most chosen out of the list of dozen options I gave them). I have to build the system-- a reworking of my narrative action cards system, but with more combat crunch. I keep putting that off since it is a daunting task. OOH I haven't found anything else that would be less work and/or I'd want to use. I need to get that down before I work on the structure of the story, which means that it could be a while. I had this same problem when I was working on the Masks game-- is that a reaction to classic fantasy for me? I wonder.

4) The Exalted campaign is still up in the air. We're waiting on one player-- the rest of the group would like to play, but I haven't heard back from her. And she's great at the table-- most of the other players agreed that if she doesn't want to/can't play then we probably shouldn't play that game. So, I'm holding off doing any work on that until later.

5) other stuff- I keep thinking about other games. I HAVE to get a campaign outline done this week for my niece. Ugh-- I need to bear down on that.

6) Playing in two games. One looks like four or so sessions to go and the other will probably last until summer. I don't like playing as much as I do running, but the Hunter game I'm playing in is probably the best campaign I've been forever.

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