Saturday, January 10, 2009


A few things:

1. Finally finished up that two-page summary for the project proposal Gene and I are submitting. Took me forever to get it done. I had the whole thing in my head for the longest time. It was, in fact, more fully fleshed than any number of other things I'd been working on. I don't know why it took me so long to actually put it together in that format. I'd say at least part of it is that 2p summary is harder than it looks. I should probably try to work on mastering or at least getting better at it. I have some other things on backburner that it might be worth writing up that was, just to get myself more comfortable with it. I means sussing out the most important and elemental points of the story, tossing out the less interesting things that can be dealt with in the actual long-version, and being able to demonstrate that the idea has legs. I should practice on that.

2. Finally completed a trade for some minis through I'd sent my half of the trade deal well before Xmas, but I didn't get the games I was owed until this week. Of course I'm a fretter so it gave me more things to heighten my freeform anxiety over. I need to trade out the last of the things I'm trading and then stop that for a while. I hate having that extra baggage in my head.

3. Got done the first of my Changeling emails for my players. They're intended to give a first person perspective on certain elements of the Changeling world. I tried to describe how I see the concept of glamour in that first one...dreams and dream walking will be next. Then probably I'll work with Clarity and maybe how Contracts function. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the fifth. The Hedge is an obvious choice.

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