Friday, January 8, 2010

Choices From My 2009 RPG Posts

I thought it might do to have a quick post which put together my favorite posts on rpgs from 2009. I hope this will be the last word on that year and I can finally move forward.

* Gamemastering NPCs-- done in five parts, beginning with this one.
* On Matrix Arguments as a tool in games.
* The series I did on GM prep: general tools, prep where prep is due, three things, and session prep sheets.
* Some thinking about combat in games-- likes and dislikes, from a player's perspective and from the GM's side.
* Thoughts on dramatic evolution and characters which starts with this post on ethos and development and then carries on with a three part series beginning with this one.
* Maps of the Games: Conceptual Differences in Play


* A review of Heroquest 2e which I then followed with a longer break down of the HQ2e mechanics starting here.
* An overview of GUMSHOE followed by reviews of The Esoterrorists and Fear Itself.
* A look at Legend of the Five Rings in the first edition and in the second edition.
* Looking at Mutants and Masterminds and the various supplements.
* Reviews of Villany Amok, Strangers in Prax, The Dying Earth rpg, among others.

My Campaigns
* A longish metachronology of the various shared world campaigns I've done, in five parts beginning here.
* A postmortem for my Scion: Hero campaign which begins here.
* A postmortem for my Vampire campaign which starts here.
* Example brainstorming from my City of Ocean campaign.
* The campaign survey I did.

There's quite a bit more, but those are probably the one's that come to mind first when I think about pieces I was pretty pleased with.