Friday, January 29, 2010

Webcomic Round-Up

Gene asked me what webcomics I was reading, so I pulled the list from my reader-- there are a few that I used to read that either lost me (Superosity) or vanished (Elf Only Inn). But this should be a fairly complete record with a few obvious ones left out. I've put an asterisk at the end of of the ones I really think are worth going through the complete archives for.

Achewood ( acquired taste for some-- for a bit I'll be just going along with the strip and then he punches me between the eyes.

Basic Instructions ( Sometimes funny, but usually falls in the middle for me.

Bear and Kitten ( Often odd, but usually amusing.

Beaver and Steve ( No longer in publication, but has some great stuff in the archives.

Bigger than Cheeses
( No idea why I read this, except that it is absurd.

Daily Dinosaur Comics ( An acquired taste.

Daisy Owl ( One of my favorites, low-key but quite funny.(*)

Diesel Sweeties ( I run hot and cold on this one.

Digital Pimp Online ( Home of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and a couple of others. He has an interesting style, but updates infrequently.

Evil, Inc ( Very classic. I really only keep it in my feed because it is such a quick read each day.

Hark, A Vagrant ( Consistently the funniest comic I read. (*)

Instant Classic ( Not sold on this-- it went off for a time and then came back. overly convoluted story.

Overcompensating ( quite funny.

Multiplex ( Has pulled the drama tag a couple of times, but overall I really like this comic for the characters and setting.

Nukees ( Smart and odd-- has been going for a long, long time. A more classic strip.

Octopus Pie ( Interesting, but I sometimes skip episodes of this. Probably will drop out of my cycle eventually.

Order of the Stick ( Used to be quite funny, but now seems like a lot of work to get through.

Penny Arcade ( Come for the comic, stay for the text.

The Princess Planet ( Absolutely worth going through the archives. (*)

Questionable Content ( Still a fav, almost entirely based on the characters.

Rob and Elliot ( Had some funny moments, but updates infrequently now and often isn't that great.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ( Has some misses, but generally the comic that makes me laugh more than any other. (*)

Shortpacked ( I run hot and cold on this one.

Snowflakes ( Still trying to figure out if this is worth reading-- they have two plotlines going on right now and it kind of dilutes the effect. It is school-based so that makes me keep reading it.

Something Positive ( A comic you love or hate based on your love of extended character stories.

Wasted Talent ( A recent addition-- interesting to see how her style has evolved through the archives.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella ( Often wrong, but awesome at the same time. This comic ( is one of my all-time favorites. (*)

Wondermark ( I usually enjoy this and he often has some oddball additional material on this site.

XKCD ( me a sandwich.