Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Changeling Lost Vegas: Session Eleven: Placing Bets

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This Episode:
The motley, perhaps a little reluctantly, decided that the time had come to visit the Summer Court again to ask for the task they would have to perform to be accepted into the Freehold. John worked on an air freshener device, in hopes that he could undo some of the damage he'd caused on his last visit. The group went to the somewhat skeevy Club/Strip Joint/Dance Floor/Bar/Buffet, Trick Takers, run by the Court. When they arrived, Father Canon, the elder Ogre statesman, took John aside to ask him about what he'd meant by his previous tomfoolery. Did he wish to declare war on the Summer Court- John said he did not and apologized for his impulsiveness. father Canon warned him that such energies could be dangerous. he himself had been twice recaptured and taken back into the Hedge. 

Lean-and-Hungry Mike received the group, a little reluctantly. When John produced his gift, most of the Summer Courtiers went for weapons, but calmed down eventually. Mike told the moltey that she would be having a grand re-opening for the Club in three days, on Valentine's Day. The PCs would have to drum up paying and willing customers for the event. Each motley member would be given a stack of marked leaflets- keyed to them individually. They would have to distribute them and each person would have to get at least two dozen persons to come to the party, pay the cover charge, and buy at least one drink. Andi found the task beneath her and expressed herself in no uncertain terms. Despite reservations, the group accepted the task. They spent some time trying to figure out how they could best carry this out. Some of the plans ended up a little outlandish. 

The group then decided to follow their pattern and introduce themselves to the next Court in line, the Spring Court. The only one they hadn't yet visited, they knew that Spring and Autumn, rivals held most of the power in the Freehold. Via Simon Maggots the players found themselves invited to a a corporate office/suite floor in the business complex attached to one of the major casinos on the strip. Everything showed off the upscale approach of the Spring Court. Morosa could see that they had several operations going on, including party planning and presentation. The leader of the Spring Court, the Fairest called Beckoncall, greeted the group and distributed gift bags to them. A few other Spring Court members were introduced, including Beckoncall's shadow, the tiny Darkling called Darling Pitch. Beckoncall welcome the group and spoke to them about the Court's agenda, which her characterized as synthesizing and maximizng joy and entertainment for the Freehold. 

Andi took exception to Beckoncall's language, with "strategize this" and "minergy that". They briefly butted heads. John remained on his best behavior, despite his discomfort at dressing up. Morosa carefully observed and noted the people not introduced and the things unsaid. Finally Beckoncall sent them off with his director of Lost Resources, the Beast Abyssinian Max. Max took them to a fine restaurant in the casino, toured them around the shopping areas, and showered the group with gifts. Once the party realized Max had been assigned to butter them up, they took advantage, filling up their van with a host of shopping bags. 

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