Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final Round: Stuffer Shack’s RPG Site of the Year Contest

So I managed to make it to the final round of Stuffer Shack’s RPG Site of the Year Contest. I want to thank everyone who generously voted for me. I recognize my luck in not facing some of these heavyweights in the earlier round. They had some amazing blogs and sites to check out. Online voting gave us five competitors:

These will be evaluated by Stuffer Shack's Judges and a winner selected. I hope there’s some feedback even for those who don’t win. I always like getting input and suggestions on my work here. If you have a chance, check out these sites as well as the others nominated.

Last week during the voting period I posted my pitch as well as my suggestions for further reading from my blog. I’ve been getting some additional hits from Stuffer Shack and ENWorld, so I thought I’d list a few of my other favorite posts and series.
I really need to figure out a way to collect and consolidate the material on the blog. Labels help, but aren't that great. In any case, the results for Stuffer Shack's Contest will be announced Monday, April 29th. I think I'm clearly a dark horse in this, but it has been fun to get the blog out in front of some people who might not have seen it. I hope everyone finds something useful here. 

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