Monday, April 15, 2013

Age of Ravens & Voting for Stuffer Shack's SOTY Contest

Today opens voting for Stuffer Shack's RPG Site of the Year 2013 contest. Gaming blogs and sites nominate themselves for the competition which is done in rounds over several days. Ages of Ravens is up for voting today against three other interesting bloggers. I hope you'll take a look at those and vote. I'm, of course, rooting for myself, but it would just be great to drum up votes and feedback for everyone. Last year's winner was the always excellent The Id DM blog. 

Stuffer Shack Day One Voting SOTY 2013

Here's my pitch about the blog: 
I run a lot of campaigns, probably too many. I’ve used Age of Ravens to talk about how I’ve run, what I've seen in games, and tactics I've used successfully (and unsuccessfully). That means a combination of articles on GM tricks (making stronger NPCs, speeding combat), reviews with a focus on the GM side (examining early L5R products for use with the new edition, reassessing classic campaigns), actual play (write ups and videos), and analysis of particular topics (the history of horror RPGs, inventorying superhero cities). We’ve recently added a podcast as well, Play on Target. I enjoy reading gaming blogs that talk about the craft of running games. Reviews and play discussions work best when they have value-added commentary. With Age of Ravens, I try to talk about my process- offering post-mortems for campaigns and showing how a group's handled ideas like collaborative world building.
Selected Blog Highlights to Consider:
Thanks- I hope you'll consider voting!

Stuffer Shack Day One Voting SOTY 2013