Monday, November 5, 2012

Changeling the Lost: Round Up

Updated to add a dozen plus new posts and links (7/10/15)
I have a number of new posts on Changeling the Lost I'm putting together- some of them on the construction of my campaign, some on interesting & useful NPCs, and some offering a couple of new tools and tricks for those running CtL. To start out the month, I've pulled together links to all of the posts I've done so far on Changeling. I hope some of them might be useful. Note that I don't run using World of Darkness, but instead with a homebrew system. So where I offer mechanics I use those or skirt the issue entirely. Our current campaign is drawing to a close after about four years- with the group having located the thralled force of the Court of the Wolf, fought in the Animal's Arena, uncovered the secret behind the Beast presence in the freehold, and discovered the sacrifice necessary to dealing with the Hidden Nine last session. I haven't kept up with AAR posts in years, but you can see some of the early session reports here

I hope Changeling fans find some of this useful!

The Courtly Campaign
Kith and Kind: Some Brainstorming on Changeling the Lost 
More Kith and Kind: Continued Brainstorming on Changeling the Lost
Changeling Civil Ceremonies
Changeling the Lost as a Lens for Horror
Albums Written for ChangelingMiddle Cyclone
Changeling Songs
Building Hollows for Changeling
Spoiling the Setting? Thoughts on Player Knowledge (examples from Changeling)
Changeling the Lost and FATE
Changeling the Lost for Fate Accelerated
Changeling the Lost GM Jam
Changeling the Lost and DramaSystem
Kingdom: On Fae and Samurai

Court of Judgment and Contracts of Weights & Measures
Contracts of the Merciful and Contracts of Sentencing
Contracts of Words and Contracts of Roads
Contracts of Uniform
Contracts of the Prisoner
Contracts of Kohl

The Neon Hedge: Building Changeling Las Vegas
The Wayward Notebook
Applying Hamlet's Hit Points: A Changeling Session Analysis
Two Successful GM Tricks from Changeling
Changeling Scene Postscript
Sharing and Play
Changeling Campaign Themes: Planning Wayward
Why You Should Never Look Behind the Campaign Curtain
Pieces Fall into Place 
Sarah No-Tears Dreams
YouTube Playlist of Changeling Lost Vegas Sessions
Changeling Lost Vegas: Session One
Changeling Lost Vegas: Orientation (Part One)
Changeling Lost Vegas Orientation (Part Two)
The Tarot of Changeling Lost Vegas

Product Guide for New Players
Changeling the Lost
Autumn Nightmares
Dancers in the Dusk
Equinox Road
Goblin Markets
Lords of Summer
Night Horrors: Grim Fears
Rites of Spring
Swords at Dawn
Victorian Lost
Winter Masques
Glimpses of the Unknown (WoD)

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  1. Looks like I've got my bedtime reading sorted for the next month. I've also added it to my blog article of worthy links for Changeling. Thanks for posting this up!