Sunday, March 15, 2009

Contracts of the Prisoner

Another new set of Contracts for Changeling (at least my Action Cards version).


While all Changelings suffer in their durance at the hands of the True Fae, the nature and representation of that despot's soulscape varies from realm to realm. The Wizened serve have positions and occupations-- professions twisted to serve the ends of their masters. The Fairest often least understand the nature of their imprisonment-- that they live out another's twisted sense of beauty and greatness. Even those who seem to have freedom in Arcadia do not-- their actions instead serve out the whims of the Old Ones. Or at least that suspicion chews at the minds of those Changelings.

Some, however, do serve more classically as prisoners and slaves, most often the Darklings, for whom suffering and isolation has been made an art. The Contracts of the Prisoner represent a minor form of rebellion, but more for the cause of survival. While these Contracts cannot affect the True Fae, they can affect minions set upon the Changelings. It should be noted that they cannot affect the truly souless or fully bestial, as those things possess no conscience for these contracts to reflect upon.

The Prisoner's Sustenance (*): While chained, enslaved or under the enforced orders or onus of another, the Changeling may significantly reduce their need to eat or drink. They require only a crumb of food or a drop of water. This lasts from sunrise to sunset (or vice versa). A Changeling may only activate this contract consecutively a number of times equal to their Wyrd. Overuse and reliance upon it can cause Clarity damage or derangements.

Catch: None-- may only be performed under the above-mentioned circumstances.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Cry for Brethren (**): The Changeling may contact another known Changeling for aid and assistance. This gives the targeted Changeling a visual signal indicating direction, but not distance. This affect cannot reach across from the Hedge to the Real World (and vice versa). It lasts a number of hours equal to the Changeling's Wyrd.

Catch: The targeted Changeling has made a pact to aid the user.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Hide Among the Dead (***): The Changeling may give the appearance of being dead. To all non-invasive techniques they will appear to have died. If the Changeling has been injured, death will seem to have occurred from that wound. If not if will seem to have happened from blunt trauma. While in this state, the Changeling reduces their bodily functions, but will be hungry, thirsty and weak when they awaken. If wounded while in this state, the Changeling will awaken groggy and disoriented. While in the “trace” state, the Changeling has limited perceptions-- as if the character hovering between sleep and waking. The Changeling may choose to awaken at any time-- though groggily-- or the affect ends after a number of hours equal to the Changeling's Wyrd.

Catch: The Changeling lies down among corpses.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Knotted Mercy (****): The Changeling may select a target to bind with themselves. From that point forward, damage done by one of the pair to the other will be echoed on both. This means that if one of the pair does wound levels to the other, both will suffer the same amount of damage. This damage cannot kill. Should one of the pair be killed by other damage, the other will fall unconscious. Damage dealt in this way cannot be soaked by armor or other means. The Changeling who invoked this Contract cannot heal damage dealt to themselves via this affect by means of their own Contracts or abilities-- instead it must either heal naturally or through the intervention of another party.

Catch: The Changeling has kissed the target

Cost: 3 Glamour

The Martyr's Wedding (*****) When a Changeling touches the skin of a target and invokes this contract, both parties die. Targets of significant power or much higher Wyrd may resist this effect. If the target resists the effect, the Changeling who invoked it does not die, but will fall unconscious.

Catch: None

Cost: 4 Glamour (if failed, otherwise, none)

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