Friday, November 2, 2012

Poll: Which RPG Genre History Should I Next Trace?

I believe Blogger now has a complex algorithm  to carefully balance irritations with the recent "upgrades" against the pain-in-the-assitude of actually switching to another service. There are many, many little problems with the new version that never happened before (font defaults not matching up, image weirdness when using Chrome, random deletion of line breaks, adding background color to text for some cut & paste but not others). I've seen many people complaining about it- I'm glad I'm at least reasonably comfortable playing with the HTML or the blog would end looking much worse than it already does. 

Which brings me to this post- a couple of days ago I put up a poll using Blogger's own gadget for that. A number of people voted and then the poll reset. And then some more people voted and the poll reset. And once more for good measure. Checking the Blogger help forums shows that this is a common problem which has not yet been addressed. So I had to go off site to get a replacement poll, which you can see there (I hope) in the sidebar. 

Having looked at the History of Horror RPGs over several posts, I want to trace the history of another genre through game publications. If you have a preference please vote in this new and hopefully stable poll.