Friday, June 7, 2013

The Tarot of Changeling Lost Vegas

Throughout the current Changeling Lost Vegas campaign, the motley has discovered a series of strange collage tarot cards and associated notes. They've found three so far- with two in one hand-writing and one in another. They've figured out that the one on blue paper is significantly older than the others. The more recent ones may be from only a year before their arrival. The notes also suggest a danger in telling anyone about the cards. They're an ongoing thread hinting at larger mysteries. You can see the playlist for videos of the games here, plus I have some write ups of the sessions tagged Changeling if you hunt around. 

The first card and note they found among the gear left behind by their mysterious rescuer, Regardless. The original card comes from here

You can see the full note and card here

The second card and note they discovered in the strange glass Hollow beneath the forgotten health center they investigated. This card comes from a Russian-style tarot set.

You can see the full note and card here

Found in a dream-safe, stolen by Cantorian Wolf from the Spring Prince, Beckoncall. This card comes from the Vertigo tarot. Notably, the card features an image of one of the PCs, Morosa Scorned.

You can see the full note and card here

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