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Changeling: Contracts of the Merciful Hunter; Contracts of Sentencing

In my last Changeling the Lost post, I talked about the new Court in our campaign, the Court of Judgment. Here are the two remaining new Contract sets for that Court. These are written in the rule-lite version our homebrew uses.


No Red Shirts (*)

The Changeling may reflexively take the damage from a physical strike done to another nearby target. This must be declared before damage is determined. The Changeling may apply any armor or other effects to the damage. The Changeling may only do this once for a particular target in a scene, but may use it for different targets in the same scene.

Cost: One

Catch: The target is a subordinate of the Changeling

Gesture of Mercy (**)

If the Changeling performs an act of mercy, they gain a free aspect, “Known for Mercy,” which can be invoked freely against witnesses for a time afterwards. The duration and number of times this may be invoked freely depends on the Changeling's Wyrd. The changeling may not have obviously engineered or set up the situation for this purpose. In other words, the threat and the mercy must be sincerely given.

Cost: Two

Catch: The character granted mercy struck or attacked the Changeling in some manner during the scene.

What You Have Done (***)

The Changeling locks eyes and calls back into the target's mind a memory of the thing they feel most guilty about at this moment. This is a contested Social pull. If successful, the target recalls the event vividly and may believe that the Changeling has some knowledge of that incident (depending on the margin of success). This is a Clarity attack, with damage equal to the Changeling's Wyrd. This may be modified by the target's conscience and bad acts. If the Changeling gets spin, they my apply a free aspect in addition to other bonuses.

Cost: Two

Catch: The Changeling heard some form of confession in the last twenty-four hours.

Benefit of the Doubt (****)

The Changeling marks a target with his blessing. This target must have committed some public or private offense and/or be hunted by someone. The target is marked as being under the Changeling's protection- alerting him if any attempts to harass or harm the target. This effect gives the target bonus armor against attacks. It also provides a free “Under Protection” persistent aspect when dealing with allies or acquaintances of the Changeling. If the target breaks any oaths with the Changeling or his friends, the effect immediately ends and the Changeling is altered.

Each target granted the benefit of the doubt, up to the Changeling's Wyrd, may be invoked as a free aspect once per session.

Cost: Three

Catch: The target has previously been punished by the Changeling and has sworn an oath with them.

Mercy's End (*****)

The target of this clause must have broken an oath with the Changeling, his Motley, or must have visibly broken their oath to the freehold. The Changeling becomes a bane to that target. Any successful rolled damage counts as two wounds. Additionally, the Changleing gains a free “Vengeful Fury” aspect against any who come to the aid of the target.

Cost: Two

Catch: The Changeling has applied a beneficial contract to the target in the past twenty-four hours.


Gravity of the Moment (*)

When the Changeling invokes this clause, the speech or address they are making may not be interrupted by other conversation or social attacks. This allows them to make their full declarations. The announcement may still be stopped by non-social means. Among non-Changelings this can allow the user to hold forth for some time. Among changelings, it grants them a few moments of leeway.

Cost: One

Catch: the Changeling has papers in hand which he shakes violently.

Evenhanded Adjudicator (**)

The Changeling may take a Clarity or Social hit in place of a target. This may be done after the damage has been imposed. The Changeling may heal enough stress boxes to raise the damage up one line on the track. This will clear associated tags, including persistent ones. Note that the Changeling can only do this once per target per stress track.

Cost: Two

Catch: The target has employed the Changeling in some manner.

Sweeping Statement (***)

The Changeling may make an attack that affects more than a single target, even if it normally would. This may effect up to three targets, within relatively close proximity. The Changeling only has to resolve a single attack on the most agile character (to keep the goob down). If successful, then the other two targets take damage as well. This may be done for non-physical attacks but only passes along stress and not other effects.

Cost: Two per additional target

Catch: The Changeling throws two-three identical objects while making the attack. Reduces the cost to one per additional target.

House Arrest (****)

This clause may be used in one of two ways. In its basic form, it can be used to define a boundary for a target. If the target leaves this boundary, the Changeling will immediately be aware of it. In its advanced form, it can be used to slow a target through the weight of their crimes. This is done as a contested Smarts pull. If successful, the target goes last in the round and moves at half speed. Outside of combat, this can be used to slow down someone’s speech to put them at a disadvantage, make their labors more difficult and so on.

Cost: Two

Catch: The Changeling wraps a physical chain around the target.

Contempt of Court (*****)

The Changeling may call into question another Changeling's adherence to the terms of a Contract. Effectively this prevents the target from using a particular Contract set for a period of twenty-four hours. The Changeling must declare the specific set to be restricted. This is a contested Social pull, modified by the characters' Wyrd. The Changeling may not restrict more than three Contract sets at once. This target is aware of the restriction and the source.

Cost: Two

Catch: The Changeling possesses the restricted contract set at a rank equal or greater than the target.

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