Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gen Con, Games on Demand & Beyond

I'm gearing up for next week's Gen Con. I will be there all four days+. if you run into me, please say hi! Send me a message via G+ if you want my contact info. Generally I wander around by myself, shop, and try to ascertain where the cleanest restrooms are. But this year I'll also be running at the con. I used to do that quite a bit, but I haven't in a few years. 

I'll be running sessions for Games on Demand in the following time slots: 
Thursday 2-6PM
Friday 10AM-2PM
Friday 8PM to Midnight
Saturday 8PM to Midnight

You can find out more about GoD here, if you haven't heard of it (website under construction, information is subject to change)

I’ll be running one of the following two events…

Guards of Abashan (Action Cards)
Another day on the mean streets of Abashan. In a town of fantasy adventure it’s up to you and your fellow guards to patrol your district, quell riots, take down monstrous invaders, break up foreign conspiracies, shut down wild magick, make friends in the community, and stop crazed adventurers. Beginning with a morning briefing you must figure out how to prioritize assignments, shirk duties, protect the innocent, and perhaps even earn a little extra coin…

Neo Shinobi Vendetta (Action Cards)
Keep to the shadows! Your cyber-ninja clan has been betrayed: mind-controlled, manipulated, and used to serve sinister ends. The highly placed cabal behind this has remained secret…until now. You and your team will research, plan, and carry out your vengeance against an elite and heavily guarded target somewhere in Neo-Kyoto. If it is the will of The Illustrious Orbital Mikado you will succeed!

I will also be desperately dashing to make it over on time to participate in this panel…

12 of the finalists from Cards Against Humanity's Deathmatch come to give you advice on making your game, from self-publishing, making games one at a time to "selling out" to professional publishers. How do you go from an idea to a finished product? 12 new game designers had 12 different experiences. Come hear them all to find a path that might work for you, but most importantly, MAKE IT WORK. If you have an idea, we'll help you kick yourself in the butt to make it happen.

Friday at 2:00 PM Union Station: Grand Hall NE

A couple of people have asked me about Right of Succession. We'd hoped to have the Kickstarter on that running (and finished) before Gen Con. However we've had some seriously delays on the graphic side. We're now hoping to regroup and get the final touches on that together after the convention. I will have a prototype copy of the game with me at Gen Con, so if anyone wants to look at it (or perhaps even play if we can get space), give me a heads up. 

I'll also be running events for RPG Geek’s VirtuaCon 2014 (October 10-12th). It's a solid online convention with an international crew. Last year I had players create a world with Microscope and then I ran session in it using Fate. This year I’m doing something slightly different. At the end of the month I’m getting together with an online group and we’re going to use Microscope to build a new superhero setting. Then for the convention I’m going to run three different superhero games- with three different systems- in that universe. I’m also going to try to encourage other GMs to also run in this crowd-sourced world. I think it could be cool- because I have no idea right now what they’re going to come up with.

I had a great time doing things for VirtuaCon last year. It introduced me to an amazing community of online players through G+. If you're looking to expand your circles or try out new things, you should consider running a session for it. It has players and GMs from across the globe. They're still looking for events and GMs up through the middle of September. 

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