Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magic, Inc Departmental Listing: Office Spatial Distortion

I've been working on my Magic, Inc game in preparation for Origins. I'm taking a version of it for Games on Demand. I've assembled a special Action Cards version and I sent off for the printed decks yesterday. Our playtest went well and I made system tweaks based on the feedback. 

Magic, Inc's about slacker office workers in a magical corporation trying to keep their jobs. I took a preliminary version of it with me to Metatopia '14. I'll have to write about that weird experience someday. Play to the new & simplified AC version, and I've assembled playbooks based on job titles. I've actually done more work on the random generators for the setting, a toolbox for GMs. Eventually I want playbook approach for adventures, so anyone running it could spend an hour whipping up the details. That might include organization charts for other divisions and offices. With that in mind, I crafted a new generator company departments. The list's below. I already love some of these results and desperately want to put them into play.   

In-House Paradigm Support
Non-Human Management Authority
Fictional Transplant Storage
Eternal Analytics Clearinghouse
Interspatial Sanitation Workgroup
Senior Ransom Affairs
Command for Secret Composition
Associate Musical Services
Question Production Chamber
Radical Coordination Unit
Legal Antithetics Desk
Employee Sorcery Resources
Sorcerous Beliefs Office
Secret Redaction Registry
Metaphorical Finances Center
Martial Competition Center
Auxiliary Dreams Coordination
Changeling Consultation Coven
Public Memories Cabal
Resuurectional Petitions Oversight Board
Conceptual Access Analysis
Future Cleaning Group
Office of Artifical Mobility 
Pantheon Interactions Commission
Executive Possession Repository
Artificial Sorcery Operations
Office of Sorrowful Consultation
Department of Web Encapturement
Supervisory Propheteering Board
Chief Curses Committee
Office of Principal Retcons
Adjunct Solutions Annex
External Warfare Counsel
Coincidental Applications Team
Freelance Discoveries Section
Research Witchcraft Agency
Vice Commerce Division
Internal Horoscopes Bureau
Head Tactics Administration
Restricted Engineering Counsel
Agency for Demonic Directives
Digital Harassment Team
Technical Sympathies Office
Journeyperson Arts Unit
Security Configuration Clearinghouse
Board for Human Rituals
Marketing Exorcism Coordination Team
Forward Ascension Operations
Advanced Implementation Resources
Commercial Runes Section
Office of Funerary Infrastructure
Investor Technology Annex
Animal Doubts Desk
Department of Client-Facing Imagineering
Hermetic Data Services
Forgotten Records Storage
Office of Divine Legitimacies
Divisions for Alchemical Solutions
Center for Standardized Wardings
Assurance Countermeasures Workgroup
Hyper-Dimensional Assessment Registry
Draconic Death Committee
Attending Saints Repository
Office of Financial Transformations
Fairy Programming Command
Corporate Testing Cabal
Plausible Investments Station
Responsive Transport Chamber
Unnatural Branding Central
Destined Fetishes Bureau
Bureau of Thwarted Heroquests
Lead Jargon Mafia
Office of Provisional Apologetics
Administrative Souls Administration
Client-Interposing Consumables Affairs
Mythological Capital Analysis
Preventative Safety Commission
Counter-Factual Controls Authority
Non-Canonical Assassination Team
Clearinghouse for Operational Relics
Identity Transfigurations Operations
Department of Imaginary Conflict Resolution
Social Nature Regulatory Workgroup
Honorary Corruption Chamber
Committee for Temporal Communications
Subordinate Debates Center
Offices of Technical Apologetics
Defensive Prevention Storage
Unholy Extraction Agency
Post-Life Placement Analysis
Customary Assurance Repository
Investigative Mysteries Office
Conjectural Functions Bureau
Creative Decay Board
Interactive Protections Central
Indirect Research Unit
Post-Normal Interventions Group
Department of Spiritual Collections
Terminal Love Annex
Coordinating Poetics Counsel
Quality Regulations Section
Elder Imprisonment Commission
Functionality Metrics Chamber
Enigmatic Divinations Resources
Apprentice Optimization Services
Department of Collaborative Persons
Legacy Judgements Affairs
Dispute Entertainment Division
Digital Alchemy Administration
Office of Dynamic Accounts
Unknown Accountability Cabal
Magical Usability Coordination
Office of Computational Vision
Counsel for Apocalyptic Staffing
Office of Arcane Media
Committee for Necromantic Solutions
Physical Enchantment Registry
Department of Shamanic Agreeance

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