Monday, October 24, 2016

Running City of Mist: Noir Supers

City of Mist does supers with a noir twist and a PbtA backbone. Son of Oak Game Studio released a really nice free quickstart package several weeks back. At the same time I’ve begun running Thursday night games for The Gauntlet Hangouts. I’ve set myself the goal of working through a backlog of QS games and core books with sample adventures. City of Mist had one of the nicest intro game packages I’ve seen, rivaling anything from a major publisher so it went to the top.

In City of Mist you play people granted strange powers by connection with the mythic. They’re supers but the kind of crew they pick to run can shape the game heavily (conspiracy busters, vigilante, etc). It’s a neat concept and there’s elements of Scion, Edge of Midnight, and Marvel Noir mixed in there. I love superhero rpgs, especially those with a distinct setting or unusual premise.

I ran two sessions, the first using the sample case (“V for Viral”) and the second my own, built with quickstart’s suggested framework. We recorded both and I’ve posted those below. We also talked about the first session on this week’s The Gauntlet Podcast. I should note that I made some rules errors I corrected at the start of session two. Also if you’re interested I scanned my prep notes for both episodes. Page 1 covers the sample adventures; the rest contain the scenario I put together.

As a nice bit of timing, the City of Mist Kickstarter dropped (and funded last week). I opted to back it, though I still had some uncertainties about the system. We talk a little about that at the end of the session two video. I’m curious about the setting more than anything. Add to that the Fate-ish elements injected into PbtA and I took the leap. If you’re curious about City of Mist, check out the free Starter Set. Brie Sheldon also did an interview with the designer, Amit Moshe, well worth reading.

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