Tuesday, October 31, 2017

November Projects & Age of Ravens Ideas

November is National Novel Writing Month. While I have a couple manuscripts in long-delayed progress (of course), I’m instead devoting myself to finish a small set of projects. So I’ll be taking November off from blogging, except for the next installment of my History of Universal RPGs (and maybe another if I get distracted). I’ll be back in December. As of the moment I have three things I really want to get into a finished state: my Wulin PbtA game, a Harvest Moon-style rpg, and a working public version of Action Cards (either generic or for a campaign frame).

To prepare I’ve gone through and updated my personal list of Blog post ideas. I have plenty of material to keep me occupied for the next several months. I’ve posted my "on deck" concepts below. Favorites, other suggestions, and/oror general comments are appreciated.

  • Another Pass on a Base Raiders/13th Age Adaptation
  • Ashen Stars Express
  • Birthright with 13th Age
  • Blades in the Dark Review
  • Bringing Fate into Dramasystem (or Vice Versa)
  • Changeling the Lost PbtA v 2.0
  • Cop Campaigns in Blades in the Dark
  • Coriolis & Fading Suns: Adaptation vs. Crossover
  • Cthulhu City Review
  • Demon and Promethean: Figuring out the Fun
  • Doing Dragon Quest with Dungeon World
  • Fate Supers: Assessing Options
  • Game Tech Posts: Damage, Stuff, Experience, and more
  • Icon-Based Events for City Adventures in 13th Age
  • Last Year in “XXX” Genre Lists
  • Lessons from WWW Season Two
  • Longer Term Godbound and Letting Go
  • Magic, Inc for Fate
  • Montage Conflicts & Events in PbtA
  • More Thoughts on Adapting Iron Kingdoms
  • My Pigsmoke Review
  • Neo Shinobi Vendetta for Fate
  • Our Experience with Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2e
  • Pandemic Legacy: What Can We Steal?
  • Pigsmoke University Press: A New Front
  • Problem Scale and Solution Granularity
  • Railroad Cars, Passengers, and Events for Ghost Lines
  • Random City Travel Events
  • Revising Crowsmantle
  • Rolls per Session and Play Weight
  • Sprawl Mission Cards
  • Thoughts on High-Level Play: Kingdom, Legacy, Microscope, Fate

I may update progress during the month; otherwise I’ll see folks in December.  

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