Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hearts of Wulin & Pasión de las Pasiones: Origins GoD

For a host of reasons May got away from me and the blog. I’ve been running games and working on several projects, so I have lots of ideas and cool stuff to post. However I’m holding off for a little bit as Origins is next week! I dig that convention for the game space, chance to meet friends, and reliable access to food.

I will be running sessions for Games on Demand at Origins. Please come by and check that our amazing selection of games. I’m scheduled Thursday morning (9-1), Thursday evening (8-12), and Saturday morning (9-1). I’ll also be manning the desk for the last possible slot, Sunday morning. I’ve got lots of free time so I’m hoping to fill in if they need coverage, run pick-up games, and hang out with people I know from online and The Gauntlet.

Please come by and say hi! If you want to coordinate something, you can send me an email at edige23 AT gmail. I actually have a phone which can check my messages. It’s a crazy revolution in decades-old technology.

I have two games on my menus for the convention:

Hearts of Wulin
Virtue vs. Villainy! Obligation vs. Passion! Justice vs. Tyranny! The heroes of Wulin battle for a better world while struggling with their own intertwined duties, desires, and destinies. You are heroes trying to serve your family, faction, or ideals. High-flying action, romantic confusions, and secret schemes abound. This game aims to emulate the high drama feel of stories like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Fox Volant of Snowy Mountain; Painted Skin; Proud, Smiling Wanderer; Princess Agents, and more. Tales of misunderstandings, betrayals, and farce mix with martial arts action.

This PbtA hack borrows liberally from Apocalypse Engine games like Masks, Monster Hearts, and The Veil. We’ll tune characters and relationships in the first hour and then throw into action-melodrama in the wulin world.

I’ve recorded some sessions of this, you can check out the most recent ones here:

Pasión de las Pasiones
Pasión de las Pasiones is a PbtA tabletop role-playing game where you play the cast of the world’s most dramatic and exciting telenovela: Pasión de las Pasiones, as well as the family watching at home. In Pasión de las Pasiones, lies will be exposed, plots will be shattered, hearts will be broken, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a happy ending…at least for now.

We’re using the rules from the Magpie’s recently released ashcan of this. I love melodrama and this game has it. 

If you’re curious about this game you can see my online sessions here:
Twin Betrayals: Session One: https://bit.ly/2sJLalB
Twin Betrayals: Session Two: https://bit.ly/2kPsJs5
The Scent of Love: Session One: https://bit.ly/2JgUF2N
The Scent of Love: Session Two: https://bit.ly/2LqQpP1

I’m also bringing along a couple of “just-in-case” rpgs, including Magic, Inc which uses Action Cards and whatever else I find that looks easy to pack. I'd love the chance to run HoW a few more times for folks who are interested. 

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