Friday, January 2, 2009


I don't really count New Year's day as part of the real year-- it exists in a vacuum. So I don;t feel bad that I wasted yesterday not doing any of the things I'd decided to resolve for this year. I did read a friend's post where he derided the concept of resolutions, but he's always got a strange perspective on things. In any case, this is more for my benefit-- and I won't go meta on the oddness of creating a journal which is openly posted.

What I Need to Do This Year
1. Write every day
2. Play at least fifty different boardgames from my collection, the majority of which should be ones I haven't played yet.
3. Finish at least half of the console rpgs I started before I buy any more.
4. Not drink sugared soda
5. Reduce or eliminate my smoking
6. Finish the other half of my book, and go back and revise the first half
7. Finish my project with Gene
8. Write up the Action Cards system more fully
9. Playtest, revise and finish the board game
10. Be more satisfied with the games I run and take time to note after games what worked and didn't work
11. Be able to do Rock Band on Hard (for at least Bass and Vocals) and Medium (for Guitar)
12. Be more industrious in my job hunt
13. Figure out at least a half-dozen standard recipes I can add to my standard cooking repertoire
14. Read a book (that I currently own) per week, at least
15. Ironically, not waste so much time on the internet.


  1. I do believe you technically worked on #3 and enjoyed the soupy fruits of your previous labor on #13.

  2. Welcome to the world of everyday blogging! One of the great things about it is discovering the variety of perspectives that people share about their friends and lives...strange or not.