Wednesday, January 7, 2009


People I regret losing contact with over the years:

1. Mike Dalton, one of the funniest and smart people I've ever met
2. Juan Brooks, a genuinely good person and a great friend
3. Ann Schaub, one of my friends from Cairo who had a passion for doing things that I think helped me become a better person
4. My Cairo rpg group (Chris Nashawaty, Ellen Green, Chuck Jones, etc), who I think would be amused to see how much their adventures impacted later campaigns
5. Camilla Gibb, whom I'm glad to see has done well for herself as a writer
6. Sono Motoyama, one of the most perceptive people I've ever met
7. Barry Winston

That last one's the hardest. We're about a couple years out from his death on New Years Eve. He died of a massive heart failure in the middle of breaking up a fight at a club. He'd been working extra hours trying to make a little more money to help pay for extra gifts for his daughter that Christmas. He'd gone through so much awful crap over the months leading up to that and, as cliched as it sounds, seemed like he was getting things together. I alternately loved that guy and wanted to punch him in the face...repeatedly. Many times when I've been running games over the last couple of years something will happen that I know Barry would have love to see or be part off. I think his death affected our group more deeply than anyone's willing to say, but it also has made most of us more careful about taking slights too quickly or cutting off people when they piss us off. Well, for the most part. I still get pissed, but as my mother said to my wife before I our wedding: "He has unresolved anger issues."

Thanks mom.

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