Friday, April 24, 2009


Short blog post today-- working steadily on the game for Sunday. Problem is, of course, that it is really too nice outside. I've had trouble focusing on work all week. Now it has actually gotten warm outside. I'm getting a little antsy since I'm home most of the additional distractions today...had some delicious comics sent to I finally got in the mail today some games I'd traded through Boardgamegeek. Actually, I got a bunch of them: Age of Empires III, Senji, Way Out West, Oltre Mare, Cuba, Lost Cities the Board Game, and Colosseum. Now I have to go through and check components in all of them, and read rules...

...sweet delicious rules which will be hanging over my head like the grapes of Damocles while I try to get anything done...

Anyway, so that's why the post's short and filled with nothing today. I blame the environment.

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