Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revising Action Cards

So following working on my fifth iteration of the Action Cards system I've started working on how I'd put together a complete set of rules for the system. I also need a better name than that. As I mentioned before, I did decide to add dice to this version of the system-- but exclusively for combat crunch in terms of damage. I also added some profession tracks to help PCs focus their character development, and I revised the magic system to simplify it. Some of that will obviously be optional rules/modules when I write the whole thing up.

So below is just a starter outline.

-reasons for system
-what kind of game (high trust, low detail-- narrative based)
-what it does for a game

-Basic system
-Cards and Resolution
-Character Sheet stuff
-Optional Modules

III.Making a Character
-Assigning results
-Unique Cards
-Skills and Talents
-Other Options

IV.Resolution System
-Basic premise
-Talents and Abilities
-Unique Cards
-Softening Catastrophe
-Narrating and Narrative Control
-The GM's Deck

-Just a variation on basic resolution
-Running Combats

VI.Other Systems
-Drama Points

VII.Optional Systems
-Keyword Styles
-Combat Styles
-Dramatic Systems for Damage
-Crunchier Dice-based Combat
-Equipment, Weapons and Armor
-Magic and Powers
-Powered Abilities
-Profession/Class Tracks
-Dramatic Character Abilities

-General advice and overview
-Handling resolution and debate
-Handling NPCs
-Designing Unique Cards
-Freedom and Control

IX.Example Settings
-Libri Vidicos-- school setting, a version of magic, keyword styles
-Spyworld-- espionage, proactive plan points
-Epic Fantasy-- profession templates, crunchier combat, magic
-Firefly version-- powered abilities, a separate deck for the ship

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