Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Post-bump post.
My mom's finally packed up from her apartment, seen off to the airport with my sister, and winging her way to Seattle. Will miss her- but not the stress of getting everything that's needed to be done over the last three months (medical and otherwise).

And of course found out Friday my Dad went in for emergency heart surgery last week. Talked to him Sunday and he seems tired but recovering.

I'd like nothing stress inducing to occur for the next couple of months please. What a weird, weird summer.

Blogging will be as blogging does.

Edit: Just a heads up--probably will be blogging infrequently for the month of September-- want to get some things written (a couple of articles, some novella drafts, some rpg stuff, and my board game rules) plus the ongoing job hunt. So I'll try to concentrate on that first.