Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Laws on the Iconic Hero

Maybe I'll just linkdump from other cool things instead of entirely skipping, but Robin Laws has a great piece today on the idea of the "Iconic Hero".

I think that's worth thinking about in terms of player conception. Some players come in and know that their characters will change, take a dramatic arc, in the course of the story. Some plan for that and for others- it comes as a surprise. Some players come in with a conception, an "iconic hero", in mind and nothing that happens will change their perceptions or persona.

Generally I prefer the former to the latter, as a player and as a GM. A single "iconic" PC can be good as a foil, but players who take that role are often destructive to the group or to the story...usually with the classic "I was just playing my character..." line (or with a *wink*).