Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Laws on the Iconic Hero

Maybe I'll just linkdump from other cool things instead of entirely skipping, but Robin Laws has a great piece today on the idea of the "Iconic Hero".

I think that's worth thinking about in terms of player conception. Some players come in and know that their characters will change, take a dramatic arc, in the course of the story. Some plan for that and for others- it comes as a surprise. Some players come in with a conception, an "iconic hero", in mind and nothing that happens will change their perceptions or persona.

Generally I prefer the former to the latter, as a player and as a GM. A single "iconic" PC can be good as a foil, but players who take that role are often destructive to the group or to the story...usually with the classic "I was just playing my character..." line (or with a *wink*).



  1. RL's post is good, as always, however I was disappointed that the reader comments didn't expand on his topic but devolved into an criticism of the Tarantino oeuvre in general, IB in particular.

    Nice work on the portrait, Gene!

    I'm eager to see how the next school year changes the characters in LV. My feeling about Valmont has been that the events of the first year pushed him to the hero side of the fence, but this past year has pushed him back to the villain side.

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