Friday, January 29, 2010

Webcomic Round-Up

Gene asked me what webcomics I was reading, so I pulled the list from my reader-- there are a few that I used to read that either lost me (Superosity) or vanished (Elf Only Inn). But this should be a fairly complete record with a few obvious ones left out. I've put an asterisk at the end of of the ones I really think are worth going through the complete archives for.

Achewood ( acquired taste for some-- for a bit I'll be just going along with the strip and then he punches me between the eyes.

Basic Instructions ( Sometimes funny, but usually falls in the middle for me.

Bear and Kitten ( Often odd, but usually amusing.

Beaver and Steve ( No longer in publication, but has some great stuff in the archives.

Bigger than Cheeses
( No idea why I read this, except that it is absurd.

Daily Dinosaur Comics ( An acquired taste.

Daisy Owl ( One of my favorites, low-key but quite funny.(*)

Diesel Sweeties ( I run hot and cold on this one.

Digital Pimp Online ( Home of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and a couple of others. He has an interesting style, but updates infrequently.

Evil, Inc ( Very classic. I really only keep it in my feed because it is such a quick read each day.

Hark, A Vagrant ( Consistently the funniest comic I read. (*)

Instant Classic ( Not sold on this-- it went off for a time and then came back. overly convoluted story.

Overcompensating ( quite funny.

Multiplex ( Has pulled the drama tag a couple of times, but overall I really like this comic for the characters and setting.

Nukees ( Smart and odd-- has been going for a long, long time. A more classic strip.

Octopus Pie ( Interesting, but I sometimes skip episodes of this. Probably will drop out of my cycle eventually.

Order of the Stick ( Used to be quite funny, but now seems like a lot of work to get through.

Penny Arcade ( Come for the comic, stay for the text.

The Princess Planet ( Absolutely worth going through the archives. (*)

Questionable Content ( Still a fav, almost entirely based on the characters.

Rob and Elliot ( Had some funny moments, but updates infrequently now and often isn't that great.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ( Has some misses, but generally the comic that makes me laugh more than any other. (*)

Shortpacked ( I run hot and cold on this one.

Snowflakes ( Still trying to figure out if this is worth reading-- they have two plotlines going on right now and it kind of dilutes the effect. It is school-based so that makes me keep reading it.

Something Positive ( A comic you love or hate based on your love of extended character stories.

Wasted Talent ( A recent addition-- interesting to see how her style has evolved through the archives.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella ( Often wrong, but awesome at the same time. This comic ( is one of my all-time favorites. (*)

Wondermark ( I usually enjoy this and he often has some oddball additional material on this site.

XKCD ( me a sandwich.


  1. Hm. There are a few on here that I've been meaning to check out and never get around to (Wonderella, Daisy Owl, etc.). Quite a few that are also in my mandatory RSS, as well (QC, XKCD, Wondermark, HAV! ... even Dinosaur, although I routinely sub and unsub from that one).

    I'm surprised you left out Cat and Girl, old Scary Go Round, A Softer World, and Perry Bible Fellowship. (Makes me nostalgic for the days when Sluggy Freelance was still funny...)

    I've been meaning to gather my own list to add as links on my blog sidebar, but I never quite get around to it. I would, however, wholeheartedly recommend the following off the top of my Friday-addled head:

    Gunnerkrigg Court. It is my favorite of all time. Win ++.

    Small Victories (similar format to ASW)

    Sinfest, which has become strangely sweet in some ways

    Contemplating Reiko, which fulfills my requirement for Evil Little Girl shenanigans

    • and FreakAngels, which started off slow but has grown steadily more intriguing

  2. Excess of riches! I'm gonna have to learn which of these tickles my comic geek needs.