Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Changeling Lost Vegas: Session Seven: House of Cards Redux

The video for Session Seven:
This Episode:
Last session was a short one as we had two people out at the last minute. We mostly dealt with the group settling into their new digs and planning how to keep themselves afloat. The group came into this session with two primary objectives. 1. Meet with Shark-Fingered Princess, leader of the Autumn Court to receive her task and bring them closer to full membership in the Freehold. 2. Meet with the leader of the Summer Court in order to make introductions and follow the social pattern they'd established. 

The group followed through on the first part of the scheme, with John the Smith crafting a mechanical rose to present to the Princess. She had the group meet her in one of the Autumn Court holdings, where she was beginning preparations for redecoration for the turning of the seasons. Morosa used her excellent costuming skills and crafts (backed by her Clotheshorse kith) to prepare a perfect outfit for Amber, complete with tear-away dress. Shark-Fingered Princess introduced them to several other members of her court and then presented them their task. They would look into the death of the Wizened Smith Greyhand Grip who had fired himself across the night sky in a rail car just two weeks before the group's arrival. They would locate that car and retrieve the Changeling's body along with whatever else might be there. 

Though they'd planned to meet with the Summer Court next, John's excitement about potentially looting looking through the late Smith's workshop forced them on. They located the site and made their way in, noticing that others had clearly been their recently. Unable to keep his hands to himself, John reactivated all of the decommissioned death-traps on site. The found the workshop emptied, but uncovered evidence suggesting that Kappachani Leather Swan had been involved in clearing the place. They headed back to run down some more leads. Later that night Morosa and Amber returned to the workshop to set off the traps and make sure they didn't kill any innocents. 

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