Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Digital: Virtuacon Panels and More

This coming weekend sees the first RPG Geek online convention, Virtuacon. The RPG Geek community remains one I enjoyed reading and commenting on- good discussions, smart commenters, and a great database. You can see more about the convention at the wiki here and the G+ community for it here. They’ve done a good job getting hosts and participants from outside the US- giving it an international spin. They have door prizes as well. I think some spots remain open in a few games- you can hunt those down at those pages.

For the convention I’ll be moderating three panels on Saturday October 19th and running two games. All will be broadcast online (and available for later viewing).

How to Be a Better Player          Oct. 19th 9-10AM Eastern
We consider how players can improve their experience and that of everyone else at the table. Featuring Jay Little (FFG), Brie Sheldon (Gaming as Women), and Filamena Young (WW, Machine Age). We may consider recent lists on the topic, the difference between self-driven and imposed play, and what 'better' might mean to different people. This event will be broadcast on-air; questions and input from viewers will be welcome. Feel free to contact moderator Lowell Francis (Age of Ravens, Play on Target) with any feedback.

Roleplaying in the Digital Age          Oct. 19th 8-9PM Eastern
We consider how new digital tools have changed our gaming and roleplaying. What challenges face gamers who shift to playing online? How can rpg companies thrive in this new arena? Does the digital era make player easier or harder? Featuring Andrew Goenner (Play on Target, Time Heroes), Steve Sigety (Kaijuville), and moderator Lowell Francis (Age of Ravens, Play on Target). This event will be broadcast on-air; questions and input from viewers will be welcome. Feel free to contact the moderator with any feedback.

How to Handle Difficult Players          Oct. 19th 11PM-12AM Eastern
From rules-lawyers to bullies- the issue of bad players and how to deal with them comes up in rpg discussions again and again. How do we find useful solutions beyond "just don't play with them"? What kinds of problems are more difficult than others? Can bad play be a useful signal to the GM? Featuring Andrew Goenner (Play on Target , Time Heroes), Steve Sigety (Kaijuville), Sherri Stewart (Age of Ravens), and Filamena Young (WW, Machine Age) . This event will be broadcast on-air; questions and input from viewers will be welcome. Feel free to contact moderator Lowell Francis (Age of Ravens, Play on Target) with any feedback.

I’m lucky in that all of these filled- with some players in both sessions!

Microscope: Build-a-World Workshop         Oct. 18th 10PM-1AM Eastern
Using Microscope, we will build a history and setting in a genre determined by the group. Craft incidents, write legends, and level cities as you so desire. The moderator will set an abstract phrase for the beginning and end eras, but otherwise simply manage the play process. Whatever world we develop will be used as the basis of a FATE Accelerated Edition session on Sunday. Feel free to sign up for one or both. If you've never tried Microscope, jump in and give it a try.

Note: We will use a slightly modified version of Microscope, with abbreviated scenes handled as simple questions.

FATE Accelerated: In the Unknown          Oct. 20th 9AM-1PM Eastern
In a Friday session, a group of players will craft a world using Microscope. This session will play out in that strange, new setting- who knows what it will be? It will use FATE Accelerated, tweaked to fit the genre. Players won't need to have played or watched the earlier session. For those interested, I will post a report of the created history after that session- but knowing that will be optional.

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