Friday, May 22, 2015

Neo Shinobi Vendetta: One-Shot Backdrop/GoD

Parallel to what I last posted, here's the setting one-sheet for my Neo Shinobi vendetta one-shot. I'm still thinking about how I want to condense the GoA stuff- I'll probably post that next week. This is a little different- this scenario's a great deal more open and freeform, so having this info to reference may be more important. On the other hand, I also want to look closely at the tone for this. 

In Neo-Kyoto, Zaibatsu Corporations battle for domination- served by tech-samurai, yogang yakuza, and deadly ninja. But the secrets of the shinobi long-thought hidden may shift the balance of power. Think Ninja Scroll, Brazil, Wu Xing, Appleseed, Cybergeneration, Akira, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Tenra Bansho Zero.

Five orders of Shinobi exist and they have warred since their inception. History speaks of bloodlines, factions and infighting that lead to this state. The settlement of the five great Zaibatsu, under the auspices of the Shogun, lead the Shinobi Orders to also align themselves. Each order tied itself to one of the Megacorp Zaibatsu. They remain independent but avoid actions against their patrons.

The Shinobi train in many ways: physical challenges, virtual simulations, stimulus implants, and experimental engrams. It was through these programs that you and your secret cadre learned the truth.

By design or accident a corrupt engram filtered through to a handful of clan members. It showed that Shinobi were not meant to be the tools of the Zaibatsu. Instead they had once had their own power, existing at the behest of the Celestial Emperor, the Mikado. But they had been betrayed. Some clan leaders had subverted the meaning of Shinobi. They had conspired to ally themselves with the Zaibatsu-and had rewritten history in the minds of those ninja clans who did not agree.

This is a game about the revenge you’re going to take.

You are expert trained agents of Shinobi. Each of you has been granted gifts through one of the six paths of training: Cyberimplants, handcrafted and passed down; Memetic Overlay, infusing ninja with the spirits and wisdom of their ancestors; Genocolony, pairing recruits with a living weapon which can reshape their body; Chi-Field, manipulating the flows and paths of the world and body; Nanometals, infusing the shinobi with a swarm of intelligent machines; and Psychics, developing the natural gifts of the strange among the bloodlines.

We will carry out our revenge, using the resources of our clan the Igana aka The Shadow Wolves. But we must be cautious. Only a few among our clan have had their revelation- the rest still believe the lies. Were they to learn without the proper preparation, they might reveal it to our allied Zaibatsu, Oyamado.

  • The forces of the five Zaibatsu- Arasaka, Goda, Jinrai, Shiroma, and Oyamado would oppose us.
  • Our rival ninja clans- Yagyu, the First Phantoms; Kogate, the Cortex Devils; Monomi, The Shattering Silence; and Zanagiri, the Syndicate of Wasps- remain our foes.
  • The Grand Shogun Protector and his military may oppose the terror we will bring. We don’t know.
  • Those at the top of this conspiracy are our foes: as we learn their identities, they will pay.

The Neo-Kyoto Metroplex has swallowed dozens of cities and smaller settlements.-It crosses all environmental zones from the icelands of the far north neighborhoods to the heat of the tropical south. In the center lies the space elevator, The Shin-no-Mihashira. From that spin out the uneven masses of districts, prefectures, and neighborhoods divided and sub-divided. Neo-Kyoto is unevenly divided and developed: a primitive craft district might be adjacent to a sparkling high-tech entertainment district. One place might run on steam-pulps and hissing tubes, while their neighbors bask in VR glories. 

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