Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tanith Lee RIP & 10 GM Echo Authors

Tanith Lee passed away this weekend. She was a great writer- and although I hadn't followed her recent work her earlier stuff (To Kill the Dead, The Birthgrave, Silver Metal Lover, Lycanitha, and especially Tales of the Flat Earth) hugely impacted me. In particular I think everyone should read Death's Master. Her books shaped how I saw the fantastic, what kinds of stories I imagined, and what fiction could be. There's a set of writers that I hope I can echo for atmosphere when I run. I go back and re-read them to think about the kinds of elements and details they use. Tanith Lee has always been high on that mental list.

Also...This is my 991st post. So I'm heading towards 1000. In these last ten posts I hope to do lists and inventories, with some commentary. However posting will be light as I'm prepping for Origins and my Games on Demand sessions as well as awesome guests arriving just before that. I have to pull together possible games for them (so commanded by Sherri). The Post-Apocalyptic lists will return in June! I know I haven't kept up with those, especially with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road. I have the next two in process. Here's a quick list, sans commentary to kick off the race to the millennium.

Also- I'll be running at Games on Demand at Origins in the Friday 2PM and Saturday 9AM slots.  

10 Game Echo Authors
Here are ten fantasy/sci-fi authors who have impacted me and I think affect how I run and the kinds of atmosphere I want to convey. I don't know if I succeed. Maybe it's hubris to even think that. But if I can echo even a fraction of that, I'd be pleased. I'm not talking about story, but about their tone, atmosphere, and imagery. 
  1. Tanith Lee
  2. Jo Clayton
  3. Dave Duncan
  4. Steven Brust
  5. Howard Waldrop
  6. Jessica Amanda Salmonson
  7. Roger Zelazny
  8. Philip K. Dick
  9. Clark Aston Smith
  10. Michael Moorcock


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