Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reasons to Run at VirtuaCon & My Event Showcase

RPG Geek's VirtuaCon is coming up October 23rd-25th. I've run and participated in panels the last two years and loved it. Some of the most fun I'd had at a convention, despite it being virtual. They still have room for additional GMs beyond the 50+ sessions arranged now. The deadline for submitting an event is October 1st, so here's my list of Twelve Reasons You Should Consider Running for VirtuaCon (plus a bonus reason).  I'm running four events, which I'll post at the end. 

1. If you're a designer, this is an awesome opportunity to show off your game to a new audience. You can then link your event up to your game's entry in the RPGGeek database- connecting it to reviews, comments, and a gallery.

2. A striking international community of gamers. I've been in sessions with players from all over the world because of RPGGeek. They span the time zones! And we had an amazing Euro contingent visit for Origins this year. Become a global ambassador for gaming!

3. Constant Virtual Tavern. Bask in the glow of admiration for your efforts. An ongoing hangout where you can talk with players, GMs, and visitors between sessions throughout the con. Just like at a real convention you can watch everyone get burnt out and slowly crazy over the course the weekend.

4. You'll know the vectors for any Con Crud you end up with. Hopefully.

5. GMs get prizes.  Sponsors include Engine Publishing, Pelgrane, Storium, Onyx Path, Purple Sorcerer, Roll20, Evil Hat, Taskboy, Third Eye, Bully Pulpit and more. Run a game get filthy virtual loot.

6. Connect with excellent GMs to recruit for other online conventions like Contessa, LUG Con, Aether Con, etc. Alternately, meet a player you definitely want in your ongoing group: recruitment gold. 
7. Whatever you run will undoubtedly be better than the lost D&D movie script.

8. Horror Game Synergies. Halloween's the following weekend, why not embrace the season and show that you can bring the fear. ViewScream perhaps?

9. Game Advocacy. Got a game you love that you wish more people knew and were playing? Show it off and get more folks interested.

10. We Built a City For You. Seriously. Players assembled a new fantasy city from the ground up for GMs to run in, should they desire. We used Microscope and you can see more about that here. Or bring your own city and showcase your craft and creativity!

11. Two Words: Regret-free TPK. (Actually that's either three or five words...). Feel like you can't take the kid gloves off at home? How about annihilating some strangers? I'm running a DCC Funnel to sate my bloodlust.

12. It's a good community. Beyond the database and collection tracking features, there's a solid and positive foundation of gamers there. They appreciate responses and contributions. Check out the reviews and session reports. As well they has an active VoiP community where you can easily meet other G+ gamers and set up online games. Running a game for VirtuaCon's a great way to introduce yourself.

13. Bonus Reason: So I have more games to pick from to play. 

The deadline for setting up a game is Oct. 1st. We're past 50events now, which is awesome, but the con can always use more.

My Sessions!
I'm running four games, all set in Askelion, our collaboratively built city. 

In Vengeance's Wake 
Fantasy Thieves Guild
Friday Oct. 23rd Noon Eastern Time
Dungeon World/PbtA Hack
The Avatar of revenge has begun to carry out her plans and the bodies have begun to stack up. Saukuma, the Legendary Underboss, has fallen. Now your fledgling gang must take advantage of the chaos to pull off daring operations. Can you survive the cross-town battles and make a name for yourself?

Zillia Zonkala's Confectionery Workshop
Fantasy Survival Horror
Friday Oct. 23rd 8PM Eastern Time
Dungeon Crawl Classics Funnel!
Many have sought to discover the secret's of Sweet Bottom, an underground complex producing sweets for the city. You and a gaggle of fellow youths discovered a hidden way into one of these workshops. But now the doors have slammed behind you, the lights have dimmed, and the singing has begun. Can you find a way out? Will you survive? Will the candy stuffed in your pockets survive the experience? Loosely based on DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea.

Each player begins with several 0-level characters. They end with fewer. See here for a little more on funnels.

In the Cracks and Crevices
Saturday Oct. 24th 10AM Eastern Time
The Warren
It may be a city of wonders for humans above, but it is a dangerous, precarious existence for animals trying to survive in the nooks and crannies. To quote from the description, "The Warren is a game about intelligent rabbits trying to make the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits. While the rabbits in your games will solve some of their problems and learn some new tricks along the way, they are still bound by their anatomy and spot at the bottom of the food chain."

"The Warren is primarily a game about survival and community. There are many creatures, humans included, that are bigger, stronger, meaner, or more numerous than rabbits. The seasons and the elements do not care that rabbits are only little things. Rabbits cannot hope to meet these threats head on. Only through speed, wits, and keeping a cool head can rabbits hope to avoid the dangers of the world outside their warren." 

Descent into the Depths of the City
Dungeoneering Rescue Party
Sunday Oct. 25th 10AM Eastern Time
13th Age Intro
The Delver's League is known as the most EXTREME of dungeon explorers. They parkour across pit traps, grind past guards, and gleam the gelatinous cube. Legends and tales- told by themselves- have spread near and far. 

And know you've been hired to go an rescue the most recent lost expedition of these idiots fellow adventurers. 

It's a living.

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