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Far Station Eschaton: A Kingdom Seed

Robert Rodger asked if anyone had done a seed for Kingdom (a top five rpg for me) based on DS9. That's a cool idea so I did up a rough version. Others may have additional approaches or suggestions. 

Once this station stood at the far ends of known space, a jump point for the desperate, established as a watch post for the Confederation. But now things have changed. The formation of a wormhole, reaching into new areas of space has made Eschaton the gateway to a new gold rush and the epicenter of old vendettas.

Customize (pick one answer for each)
  • The Confederation is [ a distant and faceless bureaucracy | a society dedicated to expansion and peace-keeping | an expansionist military force | the failing shell of a once-proud society | a puppet state at the beck and call of corporate interests]
  • Eschaton was established by [ the Confederation’s military originally | the scientific arm of the empire | as a far-edge drydock and repair station | a pleasure and rec facility for patrolling vessels of the fleet | a diplomatic outpost | the HQ for a peacekeeping mission]
  • The closest planet [ is under military occupation by the Confederation | is in the midst of civil war | is united in their resentment of the confederation | is a hodge-podge industrial settlement | is a backwater hive of scum, villainy and licentiousness]
  • Eschaton has [ absolute control over the gateway | limited access it can dole out | control through the threat of being able to destroy the gateway | no ability to stop anyone going in or out.]
  • The wormhole [ leads to a system spoken of in old records and legends | goes to a location in another galaxy completely unknown before | opens onto the hub of an alien empire | varies in its final destination]

  • Corporate interests want control of the wormhole.
  • The Confederation wants to militarize the sector.
  • The system is being overwhelmed by the sheer number of new arrivals rushing to be the first through.
  • Tensions with the closest planet have increased as they’ve made new demands.
  • The field of the wormhole creates strange and unpredictable effects on the local space-time.
  • The Confederation’s rival(s) claim the wormhole as their own.
  • Alien forces have begun to emerge into the Eschaton’s system from the other side.
  • Underground forces on the station look to seize control.
  • Supplies and/or supply chains have been tightened and reduced.
  • Bizarre events, psychic episodes, and reality warping caused by the wormhole’s energies.

  • Bridge of the Eschaton, central point for command and control
  • Docking ring, the connecting point for new arrivals and those wishing to board
  • The loading bays where cargo arrives (and sometimes falls off into other peoples’ hands)
  • Security core. Where personnel monitor security and attempt to keep track of threats
  • Prison (brig) for the Eschaton. Most often used for the drunk and derelict, now has a larger variety of strange and dangerous criminals.
  • Overflow housing for the new arrivals. Connected to a black areas where refugees attempt to hide and survive.
  • Medical Bay. Smaller than it ought to be. Unequipped to handle the volume of new arrivals.
  • Diplomatic station dedicated to the culture and needs of the populace from the local planet
  • The Promenade. A crossroads of stores, suppliers, corporate offices, bars, and other diversions.
  • The Bar. While there may be several locations where station personnel and visitors go to unwind, the Bar is the largest and most important of these.
  • The Holo-Lounge. A place of education for some. Of obsession for others.
  • Bay 8. Location of the special runner ship or shuttlecraft for the main crew of the Eschaton.
  • Station Core. The tightly controlled center for ship operation and power.
  • The Menagerie. Facilities set up for various alien ambassadors and their needs.
  • Jeffries Tubes. Engineering access points used for repairs as well as clandestine travel by some.

Character Concepts
  • Commander of the Eschaton
  • Commander’s resentful but precocious teen child
  • An exiled Psychic
  • A bizarre living hologram
  • A doctor exiled to this miserable posting
  • The excitable security chief
  • Official liaison from the local planet
  • Corporate station representative
  • Washed up former Captain turned con man
  • Avaricious merchant
  • Station Supply Officer
  • Dedicated engineer
  • Former spy turned religious mentor
  • Space Workers Union Rep
  • Confederation Military Observor
  • First Contact Specialist
  • Diplomat turned native
  • Splintered Refuge from a Hive Mind

Issac Tyrrell, Erich Strachan, Anton Phillips, Kalyn Wynter, Gema Alessandro, Maddie Avison, Shani ch'Shuni, Thara ch'Kerria, Ortal zh'Giiazn, Hjalmar sh'Nortre, Enak Vorle, Aarmar Telle, Ular Turra, Makbar Tajar, Mar'Ta, K'Kori, G'Lora, Vekma, Veirre, Khaesar, Cura, N'Freleya

  • Do we impose absolute control over who passes through the wormhole?
  • Return criminals/rebels/spies from the local planet to their home?
  • Send our own missions through the wormhole to seek new discoveries
  • Permit the Rival Enemy Empire to establish a formal presence aboard the station?
  • Expend resources searching for the station shuttle we lost contact with?
  • Crack down on the rising tide of smuggling?
  • Turn to black market sources to support the station?
  • Declare independence from the Confederation?
  • Ration supplies to civilian interests so that the military wing of the station can maintain maximum readiness?
  • Divert power and effort to establish protections from the strange space-time anomalies?
  • Establish a system of democratic representation?
  • Recognize the independence of the local planet?
  • Rearm the station for a possible military stand off?
  • Make an alliance with former enemies?

Inspired by Star Trek DS9 and Babylon Five.

Kingdom notes that when you play “with physically-separated locations…make sure it’s easy for characters to interact in person. There has to be easy transport…or you risk all your scenes turning into boring phone calls.” You’ll probably have most scenes on the station, but I can imagine jaunts out to survey the wormhole, interact with arriving captains around their ships, or visit with officials on the local planet.

You should also discuss and think about the tech level you want to have with this setting. The easiest way is to set the default at Star Trek level, but allow for players to suggest things to add or reduce to that.


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