Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Digging in the Attic: RPG Artifacts

Literally digging in the attic, actually. I spent a good chunk of this Labor Day weekend cleaning that up. After the fire the restoration company returned our stuff cleaned and boxed up. Much of it turned out to be damaged, stained, or even too painful to go through. So a massive number of boxes went up into the attic. Papers, notebooks, old PC games, forgotten Xmas stuff, homework from grade school, and so on. We'd moved out some of that over time via yard sales. But we'd dumped more up there over time. It became a mess that desperately needed cleaning. Roof leaks and a forthcoming estimator finally pushed me to go through it. So I jammed old boxes, VHS tapes, and dead bats into garbage bags in a part of the house at least 15 degrees hotter than downstairs.

We still havenotebooks to go through, now moved into a side room on the first floor. What do I do with the records of campaigns from High School and College? They're things I haven't looked at in years. Pitch? Keep? Can I bring myself to throw them away; I kind of hope so.

But I found a few treasures: pictures from old games. They're stained by water and smoke, but still relatively intact. So I scanned a few to post today.

My character Kilroy from a mid-90's Champions game called Aegis. It's actually a reduced photocopy of a larger image done by Gene Ha, lost in the fire I think. My late friend Barry colored it with markers one night at the table as we played.

Another character from the same game, Wraithwolf, a super dog with a southern accent. My friend Jim McClain paid Steve Lieber (BatmanWhiteout) to do this at a '93 comic convention. 

Finally a weird blast from the past: a photocopy of the original map I drew for a new fantasy campaign back in 1987. I only found the right half. This version is one I had photocopied onto heavier cardstock. I then colored it by hand. I drew and labeled the original map in an afternoon, intending to use it as the basis of a throwaway campaign. Years later we still play in the setting.

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