Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Big List of Circling RPG Kickstarters

To decide whether to back a recent project (Scion) I went through my list of Kickstarter rpg. I have a bunch which lie in the future and fill my dreams. But I also have a number I've been waiting on, some longer than others. The following covers KS rpgs I’ve backed and I’ve only listed those with a projected delivery date before October 2016. I’ve placed them in order by those dates. A “+” by a project indicates the designer’s posted a status update within the last 30 days. A “*” by a project indicates I’ve received a final pre-pub pdf. I love those pdfs, but they also make me hunger for the final project. 

Time Heroes (May 2014)
Project: Dark (Aug 2014)
A Land of Narrow Paths (Dec 2014)
Blades in the Dark (Nov 2015)+
13th Age in Glorantha (Jul 2015)+
Fate Accompli Erasable Gaming Aids (Dec 2015)+*
Dead Scare (Jan 2016)
Masks: A New Generation (Apr 2016)+*
Wrath of the Autarch (Aug 2016)+*
Apocalypse World 2e (Sep 2016)+*

I'm pleased to say that list is smaller than I expected. A couple have slipped the tiniest bit, while others have been circling for a while. I'm still looking forward to most of these and I'm curious about the final shape of all of them. I forgive generously if I'm kept updated. 

Do others have fewer or more on their lists?

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