Thursday, October 13, 2016

Legacy: GM Prep Notes

The Gauntlet's started a Patreon for their community. It's a great group and I've had an awesome time planning and running games via them. They also provide some of my favorite podcasts, +1 Forward and The Gauntlet Podcast. I can be accused of bias about the latter since I've guest hosted on it. In any case, one of the interesting things Jason Cordova has done is post his notes for his Wednesday Dungeon World series, "Whispers of Carcosa." I dig insight into the prep other GMs do for their games.

Since I ran a three session trial run of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, I thought I'd post my own GM notes for that. They're handwritten, a habit I haven't been able to break. I didn't prepare anything for session one since I figured that's be entirely taken up with character creation. So here are my notes prepared between session one and two. The last page contains my during-play scribbles from session two and just after. This material served me for both session two and three. The two other things I did as prep were to make the Google doc character sheets and put together an inspirational Pinterest board.

Anyway check that out if you think it might be useful and check out The Gauntlet's Patreon. 

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