Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gauntlet Con 2017 Draws Near!

In two weeks The Gauntlet will be hosting Gauntlet Con, our first online convention. There will be games and panels running Friday Oct. 20th through Sunday Oct. 22nd. There’s a ton of great gaming there- including games run by Paul Czege, Avery Adler, Fraser Ronald, MadJay Brown, Mark Diaz Truman, Becky Annison, Jason Pitre, Jacqueline "Jax" Bryk, Phil Vecchione, Jen Kitzman, Eddy Webb, and more.

As of right now, many games have filled, but a bunch still have seats. A quick glance through shows Psi-Punk, Fate Accelerated, Godbound, Earthdawn, Hydro Hackers, Katanas & Trenchcoats, Legend of the Elements, and Sword’s Edge all have space. And there’s more beyond that. Events use Google Hangouts and the con as a whole will use a Discord channel for communication and making sure games get under way. There will also be a series of panel across timezones.

Right now there are two ways to register for Gauntlet Con2017. You can either join the Gauntlet’s Patreon at the $2 level or pay a $5 registration fee. There’s more details on that at the con page. You can find other info there including some bios on featured GMs and speakers.

Here’s the blurb from the registration page:
“Welcome to the Gauntlet Con Game Schedule! Feel free to browse our games on the Calendar or Events tab. If you would like to join a game and are a Gauntlet Patron, please login using a Gmail account so our organizers can invite you to the Google Hangout Video Calls we use for our games. If you are not a Patron, please register for Gauntlet Con through www.gauntlet-rpg.com. To join an event, click on the RSVP button after you are logged in. Feel free to join the Waitlist if a game is full as the RSVP list changes regularly. To be notified when new games hit the calendar, join the Gauntlet Hangouts Community on G+ (be sure to turn notifications ON).”
It’s very cool and I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. The Gauntlet’s built an amazing stand-alone RSVP service which makes setting up games easy. That focus on scheduling, waitlisting, and calendar management means that games actually happen. I used to schedule online sessions only to have them crash & burn half the time. That’s a rarity with the Gauntlet Hangouts. I’m excited to see that implemented with an online convention.

ALSO I’m running four sessions of World Wide Wrestling for the Gauntlet Con (because I like sticking to a theme). My pitch:
PbtA-Powered Pro-Wrestling Drama! Gauntlet League Wrestling! The mysterious Caestu Group has taken things on the road. They’re recruiting new international, traditional, indie, trindie, and old-school competitors together to display their prowess. While the GLW has Championship belts, the true prize is The Gauntlet, the bearer of which becomes The MC: Master of Conquest! 
We will be playing multiple sessions throughout the convention. Play whichever slot you want. Bring old characters, play multiple sessions, just drop in for one event-- it's a free for all. Each session will set up the current wrestlers and their stories, throw in twists, and maybe even put up a belt for grabs. A curated set of playbooks will be available. We’ll start with a quick heat map for the wrestlers and then get ready to rumble. And by rumble I mean play out the dramatic stories of athletic entertainers trying to make a name for themselves and actually get a paycheck. 
Sessions run three hours. We will use Google Sheets for characters, with pdf playbooks available. No experience necessary, rules will be taught in a friendly environment. If you’ve been curious about World Wide Wrestling, come in and try it out.
I have seats remaining for three of the four sessions, but you can also waitlist in case someone can’t make it!

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